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Maytag ZPL340 DX Series

by Antonio
(07657 Ridgefeild,NJ)

The Maytag ZPL340 DX Series Iron was actually give to me as a gift and is A very nice present from my friend.So I cant actually tell you the price but,I can tell you that the product is very useful and I would recommend it to anyone who needs a good iron.

This Iron comes with a steam compartment to steam press clothes,to get best results and higher and more defined crease lines, stick a piece of was paper underneath the creased area.It has a temperature control knob for better results and tailored to your needs.

This product also has a remarkable feature known to be unique to this product known as a mix of a steam press and a blend of a liquid inside.makes your ironing time more efficient and easy,fun and also affordable. I have tried many products of irons before having to try this one. Must say this one happens to be much more easier and its the best one out there.

Most comparable products sell supposidly for 200 dollars or more and this product sells for way cheaper.Its also energy efficient which means you will save money on your electric bill,which is a plus in anyones book now a days. This also comes with a pressure button on the top that will blink when enough pressure is built up to spray with more power.you also have a gentle mist or hard mist.

There are different temperatures for the sprays and its cheap and affordable. Easy to handle,easy to store. Easy on your wallet and in the long run. You wont be let down with this product.A must in any closet, works best for those on the go people. Also has an added feature,the hot plate on the bottom sends a small signal when fabric is being ruined.

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