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Maytag White Centennial® 7.0 cu. ft. Dryer

SuperSize Capacity Plus Electric Dryer We bought this dryer from sears a while ago before we used to wash clothes In the basement of our building so we did not need our own washing machine and dryer at home. But we recently moved here to our new house and we got this new dryer. It has capacity more than what I expected and is not noisy at all. The dryer is very good and we are happy to have it. However, it is not energy saving electronic item which I wish it was. It also sometimes does not dry clothes due to which we have to keep it running for more than the expected time.

Even though it is expenses and we are quite satisfied with sears brand, it product has disappointed me a little. However, it has good qualities as well. It does not take too much space in my kitchen, which is why I love it. My kitchen is really small and there is barely a place to stand so this dryer was the best option I had and I am glad that I bought it instead of buying some other dryer.

Right now there is a sale in sears so I will definitely recommend this dryer if your kitchen is small and you do not have an extra space in your house. I also bought this from sale and saved a couple of bucks. Definitely try this dryer.

Ratings 4 out of 5.

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Oct 13, 2010
excellent dryer
by: Jim

This is an excellent dryer. This appliance has a large tub and handles heavy wet loads with ease. Clothes come out soft and fully dry.

May 04, 2010
pleased at the noise level
by: Darlene

I bought my dryer a about 10 days ago, but only hooked it up last week end.
At first it took 3 cycles to dry.
I felt sick to my stomach.
I have seen this same comment about this dryer.
Problem is this dryer is 120/240
It was only running on a 120 current at first.
We bought the correct outlet, hooked it up again and magic! I was a happy camper!
This is one great dryer.

It really has a large capacity tub, if you need that.

As others mentioned, my one minor complaint is "I do not like the lint trap location".
I am used to pulling it from the inside of unit, not the top.
Oh well.

This dryer is quiet enough for me, don't need a whisper.

You could hear my old dryer from 2 doors over.
I held on to that one till it started smoking.
Thanks for letting me voice my opinion.

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