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Maytag WCVH6260F Front Load Washer

by Mike

We purchased this machine in March 2008 as our first foray into the front-load style. We had done our homework and were convinced to purchase a Frigidaire but the salesman said the GE was basically the same and it was several hundred dollars less. We succumbed to the sales pitch and bought the washer-dryer pair.

At first things seems OK but shortly we noticed there was a loud thumping when we used the machine. As we tested and looked for reasons we found that any load that had towels in it was always out of balance and shook violently. The washer never reached the 'high' speed for a good spin but it did bang against the dryer and water heater that were next to it. We called the repair folks and they said that was a common problem and there was nothing we could do.

A few days after we called, there was a large puddle of water under the washer and in the storage unit below. Upon inspection, we discovered that the gasket around to door was torn all the way around and was leaking every time the washer was used. As the machine was still under warranty, we called repair and they came out to fix it. Their counsel was to make sure there were no sharp objects in the clothes so it didn't rip the gasket. Thinking that maybe we had missed something, we took that suggestion and watched each load

Unfortunately, several weeks later we had a recurrance of the problem and were told the same thing by the repair man when he came to fix the unit. We explained that we were very careful and were sure there was not a problem but he insisted that the gasket could only tear if something foreign was in the tub. Again, we made sure things were good and yet, a few weeks later, the same thing happened to the gasket.

In the meantime, we had visited an appliance store and checked out the competitors units to see if there was as much sway in the tub as in ours. No other washer has as much 'wobble' to it as this GE unit. We have watched the machine as it begins it spin cycle and noticed that there are large movements in the tub that put a strain on the gasket seal. But GE refuses to acknowledge this is a problem. I have now requested service for the third time on the same machine in less than 6 months.

The washer seems to get our clothes clean and the high-speed spin works pretty well if there are small or easily balanced loads in them. Unfortunately, if there are towels or jeans or large items in the tub, the machine cannot balance and thumps and bangs all over the washroom. Be very aware of this and consider carefully before you purchase this unit.

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