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Maytag Washer Dryer stacked set

We bought this Maytag Washer Dryer stacked set after our Maytag washer (from the early 80s) decided to kick the bucket. Since we had had our last Maytag for more than 25 years, we wanted to stay in the same brand family. And we could not be more excited that we did. This washer is amazing!

It not only has a delicate cycle (which is sensitive enough to wash bras), but is also has a hand wash cycle that is safe for all of my handwash-ables! It is amazing. It has a white cycle, super dirty cycle, normal, colors etc, all features I guess that are standard today but I am not used to.

It also have at least 12 different water temperature combinations to keep your energy bill and clothes is the tip top shape.

The washer is super quiet, like sometimes I even check it to make sure it is on. Don’t get me wrong, I love this washer. I would more than highly recommend it. However, my complaints are as follows.

First of all the digital time reader of how much longer the cycle has it completely wrong and more a poorly estimated guess as opposed to how long it will actually take. One of my other issues the flimsy door handle where you pour the detergent.

Third and finally, it is the door lock, because once it is locked, you have to run the cycle to get it unlocked. Thank You Thanks very much for sharing. And future visitors thank you, too!

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