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Maytag Steam Electric Dryer MEDB800VB

I purchase a new clothes dryer a couple months back, and decided to go with Maytag for the simple fact of hearing so much about them and their products. So I decided on a steam electric dryer. It has been years since I have bough a new dryer, so I was looking for about the same quality. But what I got was so much more.

First the overall appearance was excellent, and sturdy. It was a black stainless steel, very clean look to it. So id give the look a 5 alone, I need to have something that was simpler for my mother and father to handle, and it took them a couple minutes to catch on.
Con about it is NOT a energy saver, at all which dampers things a bit but it does an excellent job.

Pros ease of use, its simple to figure out. It wouldn’t take long especially from someone who is completely upgrading from a much older dryer like myself. It is a very quiet dryer which I was impressed with, it has an interior light which very much so helps and sensors to when to dry the clothes. All great things.

Overall I’d give it a 3 ½ mainly because of pricing and it is not a energy saver which in today’s economy would be very appreciated, if anything Id go with something which is a energy saver, and could save you money in the long run and at the time of purchase.

Washer dryer combo, love having both of the same type of product I think I can expect better results when they are the same brand..

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