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Front load Overview

The Maytag Neptune washing machine front load variety features a powder-coat finish on the outside in a few different colors, and a four-point suspension system on the inside for stability purposes.

The washer has various pre-soak cycles, as well as a last cycle recall, and different speed combinations. The basic, standard features of the Neptune washer also include:

  • Stainless steel washtub

  • Newly designed front-panel electronic controls

  • Time remaining indicator

  • Automatic temperature control

  • Automatic detergent, bleach, fabric softener dispenser

  • Maytag's TurboClean wash system

  • Maytag's IntelliFill water level sensor

  • Rinse options - extra rinse and warm rinse

  • Wash cycle options for delicates and hand washables

  • Wash cycle options for wrinkle control and quick washes

Specific Features

The Maytag Neptune washing machine MAL1800 15" pedestal with storage drawer washer model is higher than the average washer to make it easier for loading and unloading clothing. A storage drawer is also included at the bottom of the machine, and it is available in white, bisque, or platinum.

Model MAH6700A has all of the standard features of the Neptune and is a supersize capacity washer at 3.3 cu. ft. This washer is available in white, includes five different water temperature combinations, a maximum spin speed of 1,000 rpm, and up to a 9 hour delay wash cycle.

The MAH9700 model also includes the standard features of the Neptune washer and is a supersize capacity plus washer at 3.81 cu. ft. There are six spin speeds, along with a direct-drive motor, a maximum 1,200 rpm spin speed, up to a 19 hour delay wash cycle, and their AutoTemp internal water heater. Stain treatment options, a color cycle, and a separate one for whites are also included. This washer is available in white or platinum.

The MAH8700A model is the same size as the MAH9700, and is available in the same colors, but with a 12 hour delay wash cycle. It features a prewash, color, and extended spin cycle, but none for whites. This model is also sold in white and platinum and features a maximum spin speed of 1,100 rpm.

Top load Overview

Maytag Neptune washing machine with top loading features two clothing tumblers, as opposed to an agitator, that lift and then submerge clothes into the water using Maytag's TumbleClean wash motion system.

A dispenser unique to Maytag delivers a mixture of detergent and water throughout the load as the tub is spinning, and also releases the right amount of bleach or fabric softener during the appropriate cycles.

Specific Features o

The Maytag Neptune FAV6800AW top load washer model has a capacity of 3.5 cu. ft. and is available in either white or beige. The washer features 24 different wash presets, including cycles for delicates, permanent press, wool, wrinkle-free clothing, and also one for soaking.

The FAV9800AW model is also 3.5 cu. ft. with 24 wash presets, and sold in white and beige. Some of the other features of this washer include eight different temperature levels, electronic controls, a digital display, time remaining indicator, and an end-of-cycle signal. Like the other Maytag Neptune top load washers, the FAV9800AW is Energy Star compliant.

Model FAV6800A of the Maytag Neptune features four spin speeds, five temperature levels, and is also 3.5 cu. ft., but only sold in white. The extra wash settings of this model include quick wash, heavy duty, and extra rinsing cycles, and the machine also features a self-cleaning lint filter.

Pros and Cons of Maytag Neptune Washers

Front Load Washers

Some reviews of the MAH6700A indicate that this machine is rather quiet, cleans clothing well, requires less detergent than usual, and also has easy to use controls. However, some customers have complained that the machine is too heavy, nearly 200 pounds, making it awkward to move, and that it vibrates, causing it to move during the spin cycles.

The MAH9700 model is said to be a highly efficient machine that does a great job getting clothes clean, and also has a large washing capacity. However, some of the cons include shaking or vibrating during spin cycles, similar to the 6700A model.

Top Load Washers

Some pros of the Maytag Neptune washing machines FAV6800A are that it operates quietly, is energy efficient with low usage costs, and also features an easy to use control panel.

Some reviews of this particular model also indicate that the "no agitator" system doesn't clean clothing as well as other models, and also tends to leave clothing tangled.

The FAV9800AW top load model features a sleek control panel, quiet operation, and cleans clothing well, even items that are stained or heavily soiled. It also has a large wash capacity, although some of the cons are that during lighter or smaller loads, it may not spin correctly, causing the machine to become unbalanced. Other owners of this model have also complained that not enough water is used during the rinse cycles.

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