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Maytag Neptune MDE3000AYW

by Shoez54
(Westland, MI)

I have owned my Maytag Neptune dryer for over 7 years and I love it! This dryer is a workhorse and can dry load after load.

It has a large capacity tub that can easily handle 10 pairs of jeans or 15 towels, but is gentle enough to handle a very small delicate load. It has some features I really like, such as a moisture monitor, called Intellidry.

This feature allows me to put a load in and choose "more dry" or "less dry". That way I can pull out a load while it is still slightly damp if I want to finish by hanging to dry. It also has an infinite temperature control so that I don?t over dry items.

The bell that signals the end of the load is very pleasant . it rings like a chime, four times, and then continues to tumble the clothes. It will continue this cycle for about 10 minutes, allowing you time to get to the clothes before they wrinkle.

The lint filter is conveniently located right in your sight in the bottom, front of the tub, so you don?t forget to empty it. It is a cinch to empty and you can easily get to the area that vents to the outside to keep it clean.

The knobs to select your temperature are located on an upright panel on the rear, top of the machine so that children are not able to reach it, and the start button is right in the middle.

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