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Maytag MVWX500XL Bravos X Top-Loading Washing Machine,

Silver , 4.3 cu. ft., EcoConserve, Energy Star

This 4.3 cubic feet top-loading washer has 8 wash cycles, 4 temperature settings and 3 soil levels. It is also equipped with the EcoConserve and IntelliFill Automatic Water Level Sensor, two features that help minimize water consumption. The MaxExtract Extended Spin removes more water from clothes, making them dry faster.

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  Quick Specs  
Style: Top load, silver, 4,3 cu ft
Cleaning: Intellifill Water Level Sensor, EcoConserve , 4 temperature settings
Cycles: 8, MaxExtract Extended Spin
Features: Energy Star,Advance Vibration Control, Eco Conserve, CEE Tier 3 Qualified,Variable Temperature Setting, Eco Conserve Low Water wash,Electronic Controls, 1/3 HP PSC Motor /td>

Washer Highlights

Interior Features
  • The washer’s 8 cycles include Whitest Whites, Normal and the pre-programmed My Cycle. There are options to Hand Wash for fragile items and Extra-Rinse for chlorine-treated clothes. Its 4 temperature levels allow temperature selection on each unique cycle.
  • The Gravity Bleach Dispenser and Timed-Flush Detergent Drawer add only the needed amount of detergent and bleach at the right time. During the Rinse cycle, fabric softener is added if the washer is programmed to do so.
  • The water level is matched with the load size by the IntelliFill Automatic Water Level Sensor. The washer is Energy Star-compliant and CEE Tier III-qualified, making it more energy efficient compared to other washing machine models.

    Exterior Features
  • Digital knobs, touch pad, cycle status indicator and estimated time remaining LED display complete the washer’s rear control panel. The washer also has an optional child lock and adjustable end-of-cycle signal.
  • Four steel leveling legs are attached to the washer’s base to minimize vibration particularly during rapid spin cycles. The washer’s top part is made rust-proof by using powdercoat-on steel. The door is attached on the washer’s body with die-cast hinge.

  • Dimensions Specifications
    Height: 43”
    Width: 27”
    Depth: 26”

  • More clothes can be washed in one load with the washer’s 4.3 cubic feet tub.
  • The water level is automatically adjusted by the IntelliFill Automatic Water Level Sensor.
  • Bleach, detergent and fabric softener are automatically added at the right time by the washing machine’s 3-tray dispenser.
  • Provided with QuietSeries Sound Package, this washer works with less sound output compared to other washing machine units.
  • The wash basket and motor has a 10-year limited protection.

  • Compared to other washing machine models, this unit has less cycles and features.
  • Steam is valuable in cleaning heavily-soiled clothes and making them smelling fresh. However, this model doesn’t have a steam-utilizing cycle.
  • This washing machine is not supplied with a built-in heater.
  • The maximum spin speed of this washer is 800 rpm, compared to some models with the maximum of up to 1400 rpm.

  • MaxExtract option removes more water from clothes for shorter time in the dryer
  • automatic dispensers for detergent, bleach, and fabric softener
  • with Hand Wash option
  • awarded with Energy Star and CEE Tier III ratings
  • IntelliFill Automatic Water Level Sensor and EcoConserve feature for less water usage
  • estimated time remaining display
  • cycle status LED screen
  • stainless steel rust-proof wash tub
  • the 4.3 cubic feet capacity has room for more clothes
  • it has wide-opening door with SmoothClose Hinge
  • Variable soil level option
  • has an Extra Rinse Option

  • has less wash cycles and options
  • does not have a steam cycle
  • without built-in water heater
  • doesn’t have the bacteria-killing Sanitize option
  • since it is top-loading, it is not stackable
  • slower 800 rpm spin speed
  • limited temperature levels

    Full Specifications »


    Load Top
    Spin Speed 800
    Temperature Settings 4
    Internal Water Heater No
    Color Silver
    Drum material  Stainless Steel
    Lid  Wide Opening
    Lid hidge Smooth Close
    Height 43 inches
    Width 27 inches
    Depth 26 inches
    No. of Cycles 8
    Whitest whites Yes
    heavy duty wash Yes
    Normal wash Yes
    Quick wash  Yes
    Delicate wash Yes
    Hand wash Yes
    Rinse Yes
    Clean washer cycle Yes
    Allergen  No
    Auto water level control No
    Bleach Dispenser Yes
    Add a garment  No
    Delay start No
    Control lockout No
    Sound Package No
    Estimate time remaining No
    Energy Star Qualified Yes
    CEE Tier III Yes
    Max extract (extra spin) Yes
    Power Wash cycle No
    Vibration Control Yes
    Dynamic Venting  (16 hour fresh hold)  No
    Oxi boost option No
    Intellifill (auto water level sensor)  Yes


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