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Maytag MVWC300VW top load washer

The Maytag MVWC300VW is a washing machine that has a lot to offer. Made with Maytag Commercial Technology, this washer is designed for durability that will last for years. With 3.2 cubic feet of capacity, the Maytag MVWC300VW has enough room to fit most types of garments. Another advantage of the SuperSize Capacity of this washer is that you get to save on the bills by running fewer but larger loads, instead of running numerous small loads.

Although this washer has a good load capacity, it is still a top-loading washer, which means that it uses more energy and water as compared to the more recent front-loading designs.
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* has many settings and options

* washes well

* has good capacity

* looks good

* has a decent price tag

* can produce a lot of noise and movement if not set up properly

* not as much savings as front-loading washers

* poor customer support

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Product Overview

Commercial-Grade Drive System

The Maytag MVWC300VW is made with the Commercial-Grade Drive System, which is made up of components that are of high quality and high durability. In fact, Maytag has gone as far as to test the system to twice the normal lifespan of the washer. This basically means that you won't have to worry about this washer breaking down as easily as other washers.

Numerous options and settings

Another great feature of the MVWC300VW is the variety of options and settings that are made available to the user. With a total of 10 cycles and four temperature levels to choose from, you have more control over your washer and your wash cycle. Throw your load in, get the right amount of laundry product in, set your wash cycle, and all you have to do is wait for your clothes to come out clean. Aside from the four temperature levels that you can choose from, the Maytag MVWC300VW also employs an Automatic Temperature Control, which adjusts the temperature automatically, depending on the load and cycle types.

Porcelain-on-Steel Basket

Maytag makes use of a Porcelain-on-Steel design for the washer basket. The advantage to using such materials is that the basket is durable, easy to clean, and smooth. The smoothness of the basket ensures that your clothes don't get snagged and ruined when loading, washing and unloading.

QuietSeries 100 Sound Package

The Maytag MVWC300VW is built with a QuietSeries 100 Sound Package that helps minimize the vibration, movement and sound produced by the washer when in operation. In effect, you won't have to worry about disturbing
clunks and bangs when you run your washer at night or when visitors are over.

Bleach and Fabric Softener Dispensers

Another great feature on this washer is the dispenser system. The Maytag MVWC300VW makes use of a bleach dispenser and a fabric softener dispenser to ensure that your load is treated with the right amount of laundry product at the right time for an optimal wash.

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While some people may think of the top-loading design of the Maytag MVWC300VW as a disadvantage, for others it can be an advantage. Those who are accustomed to working with traditional top-loading washers will probably be happy to know that this washer has a similar design. The top-loading design also means that clothes are less likely to come out with a moldy or mildew smell, which is sometimes the case with front-loading washers.

Another advantage of this washer is that it has many settings, but the controls are still simple and easy to use. Some of the new washers on the market can be a bit difficult to understand and use, but that's not the case with this easy-to-use washer.

Some of the other advantages of this washer is that it has a large tub space and it operates relatively quietly.

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While some people have claimed that their Maytag MVWC300VW works quietly and steadily, others complain about the washer making too much noise and movement. In some cases, the noise and movement is caused when users accidentally leave the rear metal feet of the washer on. These metal feet are normally used to keep the washer stable during shipping and delivery, but they are meant to be taken before using the washer.

Another disadvantage of this washer is that it was made by Maytag and, according to some people, Maytage doesn't have very good customer service.

It's not a front-loading washer, which means it uses more electricity and water.

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Final Thought

The Maytag MVWC300VW is a decent washer with a good set of features and options to deal with regular washing needs. Built with commercial-grade components and technologies, you can be sure that this washer is going to be quite durable. Still, customers have complained about a number of issues, so be sure to test this unit out before you think of buying it. Anyone looking for a top-loading washer that has all of the basic functions will probably be happy with this washer, but those looking to save more on utility bills may want to go with a front-loading washer instead.

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Comments for Maytag MVWC300VW top load washer

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Aug 19, 2011
no good
by: Anonymous

We replaced a wonderful 10 year-old Maytag with this one 6 months ago, a big mistake as this was probably towards the end of a good product line. The older Maytag was quiet, infinitely adjustable with respect to water level and temperature. This one is noisy, and thrashes the washload violently (underwear lasts a year). It has several bogus settings:(1) permanent press is now "casual" - which seems to mean nothing except things come out wrinkled.(2) "gentle" or "delicate" means that one cycle simply doesn't operate at all, until the next violent agitation begins.
We seemed to be the last to know that Maytag's reputation had been falling rapidly since 2004. The acquisition by Whirlpool, and the closing of all Maytag plants had not apparently improved things.

Mar 29, 2011
by: Anonymous


Jan 02, 2011
Poor Design
by: Bulldog22

"The traditional way a washer would bring in cold or hot water is by opening the corresponding solinoid valve and for warm water both valves are opened. In this design if you select "hot" the hot water solinoid will open but the cold water solinoid will open intermittently tempering the incoming water tempature lower to a preset setting. The same thing happens with selecting cold. You dont get straight cold water as the washer is programmed to open the hot water valve bringing the tempature up. The problem lies is when the washer is trying to find the happy medium for that setting the solinoid valves are opening and closing repeatedly causing a very annoying and potentially damaging water hammer. A thermostatically controlled set of valves would open and close much slower and would eliminate the water hammer but most likely drive the cost up. Im not sure why Maytag has this design but i hope there is a way to bypass this feature."

Dec 30, 2010
Should have kept my old Maytag
by: Tom, San Diego

After a remodel I replaced my trouble-free but slightly rusty 30 year old Maytag with the above model. Big mistake. After 18 months (out of warranty) it would not fill for more than 10 seconds, regardless of the water level or temp setting. Repairman replaced the water level gadget and the thermostat, but it still won't fill on the warm or hot setting. Maybe I should replace the repairman. The repair cost is fast approaching the original purchase price.

Dec 30, 2010
Whirlpool 2007 undercabinet wash machine
by: Anonymous

I totally agree with the rater on the Whirlpool "customer service" above who indicated the company didn't care about complaints as long as people kept buying the products. I pursued my dissatisfaction with their undercabinet front loader made in Italy, in 2007, all the way to the supervisor of the "customer service" branch, in writing. I sent copies of it all to consumer reports. Whirlpool arrogance matches that of most politicians in Washington DC.

Oct 02, 2010
Never Again
by: Never Again Customer For Maytag or Lowes

Total waste of money. Even worse was the deliberate ignorance and general indifference of Lowes staff at the DeLand, FL. location when we begged for guidance. After 4 weeks of total frustration over the noise from this washer we sold both the washer and dryer to a neighbor for a major loss.
Lowes' position was that even though we were away on business for several days past the 7 day replacement policy (read the Lowes receipt carefully)and were unable to use the washer prior to confirm satisfaction, we were basically out of luck.

Jun 04, 2010
maytag have lost me as a customer
by: Katharine in Ridgewood, NJ

I have never been so disappointed with a product as I have been with this washer & dryer... After paying a small fortune, they have needed constant visitation by Maytag repair. What happened to the sleeping Maytag repair man??? Eventually my model was recalled, but since it happened while I was abroad and I only learned of the recall on the last day of eligibility, Maytag said I was "too late" and "nothing we can do"... Maytag and its affiliates have lost me as a customer forever.

Jun 04, 2010
Noisy washing machine
by: Anonymous

I can not believe Maytag can design and produce a modern wahing machine that sounds like this thing !! It would wake the dead !! During the agitation cycle it sounds like a stamping machine in a factory. I served on a diesel submarine whose engine room was DECIBLES quieter !! What a loser. We have had it for four months and we STILL can't get used to the NOISE.

Jun 02, 2010
hate it
by: Anonymous

I hate this washer. We purchased it 2 months ago and had to have a new motor put on.

May 25, 2010
very loud spin cycle throws basket off
by: Anonymous

I purchased washer from Lowe's on 09/2009. The very first time I used it (14 days after installation) during the wash spin cycle the machine went crazy, loud noise and terrible vibration. This was on the medium water level load. It corrected itself during the rinse spin cycle, so I assumed it was just a temporary glitch. Next couple of times I washed I used the super water level and no problem. After about a month, still using super load level the machine started going crazy again, same scenario. I opened the top and the wash basket was pushed to one side, I rearranged the clothes to level them out (clothes were piled higher on one side) and re-centered the basket did not help. So I let it continue the spin cycle with all the noise. During the rinse cycle it corrrected it self and was okay. Next time I washed everything was okay. After several weeks it started again. I finally decided to call repair folks, ( this was in April)machine still under manufactures warranty. Repairman came out, ran several cycles, no clothes involved and no problem. Repairman also had some gadget he used to test the leveling, and everything checked out. He could not find the problem.

Now it's May 2009 and problem is occurring more frequently. Repairman will be out again today to take a look.

This is the first Maytag washer I have ever owned. I've usually kept to no name brands or used appliances, and have never had problems with either. The washing machine I had before this one was a used Kelvinator brand which I had for 15yrs and was still working when I purchased the Maytag washer and dryer. One good thing about the washer is when it does work properly the spin cycle gets so much water out of the clothes that the just feel damp.

Aug 04, 2009
Poor customer support, you say?
by: Anonymous

I was slightly offended when reading "poor customer support" simply because it all depends on where you've purchased your washer from.

I know lots of places that people have purchased their appliances from and have ended up coming to the facility I work at simply because we rate #1 with our customer service.

We're the only store that will go out of our way to schedule a service call within a couple days, depending on the issue, for a 40 mile trip one way. And that's without any other customer needing service in that area! A lot of places will wait until they get a whole days worth of calls before they head in a certain direction.

And if you meant the 1-800 number having bad customer support, you can blame Whirlpool for that. Whirlpool has always worried about their company before their customers. As long as people kept buying their product, it didn't matter how long it took to fix it.

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