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Maytag MVWB700V top load washer

Top loaders have always been viewed as the behemoths of laundering machines, making them less appealing to style-conscious consumers.

But even though the Maytag MVWB700V definitely belongs to this category, there's something sleek about its design and size dimensions. It is worth looking at.

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• affordable

• efficient

• Energy Star qualified

• has large capacity

• may not fit into very small spaces

• top loaders don't work for some

• vibrates a little too much

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Product Overview

The Maytag MVWB700V is a good solution to the laundry needs of people who don't have enough floor space for a washing unit. Because of its wide opening lid, there shouldn't trouble with loading.

The washer can easily accommodate those fluffy comforters and different types of bedding. No more slamming or stuck doors, thanks to its SmoothClose hinge. With a commercial-grade glass window, monitoring the laundry is also fuss-free.

Key features

This washer, at 4.7 cu. ft., is classified as a SuperSize Capacity Plus top loader, which means that it can take on large and heavy loads. From delicate handkerchiefs to bath towels, its cleaning power is good enough to have any kind of laundry come out clean and fresh.

Its commercial-grade, stainless steel wash basket is large and strong enough to take on as many cleaning duties as it can without damaging the fabric of the laundry.

Developed with Maytag Commercial Technology, users can take full charge of cleaning their clothes and dealing with different kinds of fabric through its intuitive settings.

Sensi-Care Wash System

Though fully automatic, the Maytag MVWB700V washes with care and diligence like a handwash. The Sensi-Care wash system automatically analyzes the load, and with the push of a few buttons can be programmed to schedule different cycles depending on the kind of fabric.

IntelliClean Impeller

Other washers are equipped with agitators that spin the laundry in different ways to get rid of dirt and stains. However, little care and attention is given to the fabric, so more often, users are left with damaged articles of clothing.

Fortunately, the Maytag MVWB700V takes into consideration the concern for preserving the quality of the fabrics with the use of the IntelliClean impeller. This impeller uses a different kind of cycle that keeps the laundry going around in gentle motions, avoiding tangles, snags, and any possibility of stretching or damaging the fabric. Clothes are gently laundered, as stains and dirt are thoroughly removed.


All in all, there are 13 different cycles to choose from, taking care of different kinds of laundry such as baby clothes, denim pants, thick jackets, and even heavy blankets. Clothes do not only come out clean and stain-free from the Maytag MVWB700V but also fresher and more sanitized.

That's because this washer has cycles that are sure to kill germs and bacteria. The timed oxi dispenser also works hand in hand with the four temperature settings to kick off stubborn dirt and stains as well as disease-causing germs.

MaxExtract Extended Spin

After doing an excellent job at washing and rinsing, the Maytag MVWB700V also excels in wringing out out the moisture from the washed laundry. With the MaxExtract extended spin option, moisture is effectively squeezed out for faster drying time.

Aside from time, users also save on energy when using a dryer. This washer is powered by a commercial capacity direct drive motor that enables the cycles to run smoothly and efficiently.

Quietseries 300

Considering the many features and details this washer has, the Maytag MVWB700V does not hum and sputter noisily like other large capacity machines. Instead, it is equipped with the QuietSeries 300 sound package that reduces noise emission, enabling users to concentrate on other tasks while waiting to finish the laundry.

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A lot of people find the Maytag MVWB700V washer to be a very good investment. The retail price is approximately set at $1,000 in most shops. This washer is more affordable than others and closer to the best quality washer for its price.

It's heavy duty yet modern and stylish. It ensures that clothes and other fabrics come out fresh and sanitized. With an Energy Star qualification, it offers more savings through lower water and energy costs and available rebates.

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There's pretty much nothing that consumers find so disappointing with this washer as it gives them "the bang for their buck." Some, however, have complained that it vibrates a little too much when spinning a full load.

Still, the Smooth Balance suspension system with Superior Vibration Control can keep it from dancing across the floor and spewing out soapy water.

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Final Thought

If looking to buy a washer that can take on heavy loads of laundry but is priced within a good budget range, then the Maytag MVWB700B is a good option. It may not be the best, but for its quality and price, it offers great value for the money spent on it.

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