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Maytag Model SAV205DAWW

by Cheryl
(New Jersey)

Never buy this washer. I am a single person who does 2 loads of laundry per week. After just turning 5 yrs old this washer started leaking from the tub seal. Maytag charged me over $100 for a repairman to come out... only to tell me it would cost $400 to repair and that I would be better off buying a new one. My last washer lasted over 10 years. I will never buy a Maytag product again.

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Jan 06, 2012
OMG! So glad I came across this website!
by: Busy Florida Mom

Thanks to all of you who posted so far. I was stunned to find you all describing pretty much what I am experiencing with this Maytag model. I was wondering if I should call someone to try to fix the leak or buy a new one, and thanks to the posts here, I am going to buy a new machine instead. The leaks, the loud noise like a plane taking off, and sometimes the tear in fabrics--I experienced it all with this machine.

May 29, 2011
Walking nightmare
by: TF7

I got this washer almost 6 years ago as a wedding gift. This washer has been nothing but trouble for the last 3 years. First the delicate cycle quit working. Well we just decided not to use that cycle. Then the tub started sounding like a fighter jet getting ready for take off. Then a belt broke breaking the pump. That cost about $240 to fix. Over the last 6-8 months the washer has been walking all over the garage. Not to mention it now leaks transmission fluid, and has ruined at least 6 shirts, and two pair of pants. I went out yesterday, and replaced this Maytag with a GE. I will never buy another Maytag!

Jun 19, 2010
Bad Product and Busy Maytag man
by: Sad Maytag User

Wow! I am floored to see that many of you are having the exact same problems with this product. This machine has been a nightmare for me. I purchased this product alittle over 5 years ago and it has been trouble from day one. The Maytag man has been busy on this product as I have placed over three service calls within the five years. Now the product is leaking badly and I am currently shopping for another unit. I refuse to pay the trip charge plus labor which will almost equal the cost of a new product. I thought it was just my product/washer. This is sad....

Dec 29, 2009
load noise
by: Anonymous

This washer is just over 5 years old and started making a very load noise in the spin cycle. It sounds like a airplane taking off. I think It's the tub bearing this would be a big job to replace and costly to. The last time we ran the washer the bearing siezed up and the washer started to smoke. This is a bad product and I don't think I will purchase a maytag again. I guess that Maytag repair man is busy these days.

Oct 04, 2009
Damaged Laundry
by: Sonia Hotchkiss

I bought this washing machine three years ago and noticed from the second use, it was tearing up my towels, sheets and other clothing. I started to use the normal cycle and light cycle only to reduce damaged laundry. Three years later it began leaking from the bottom. I was told by Maytag that it would cost $140.00 to come out to look at it and over $300 to repair it.

This is a bad product.

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