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"Maytag" Model: DE8300

by Lisa Boc
(Winter Park, Florida, U.S.A.)

We purchased this Maytag electric dryer (120/240V) about 10 years ago and I must say, I will always go with "Maytag"!!

It's the best dryer I've ever had/used...ever!

The run time for drying a huge load (compared to a twin size blanket of laundry) is 30-45 minutes on "regular". (I've also dry queen size blankets in there, but it take a little longer because of the size. Only for my thick queen blanket I have to pull it out after it finished and rotate the blanket part that wasn't dried completely after a cycle (3 tops) but it never burned- which can happen with many dryers)

It also has "Delicate" and "Air-Fluff" mode which really dries my dedicates without any damage and with little heat. Surprisingly even on this cycle, it dries fairly quick! (Sometimes half the time, depending on what and how much there is)

It's a simple dryer without many gadgets like they have today, but with this one, who needs it when you have the very best! I highly recommended this for older people also because of its simplicity!

The lint is located inside in-front, and collects quite a bit. I've never had any problems with lint on clothes like the "Indesit" European design washer/dryers who claims to take less energy but takes 5 times greater for drying time!

I added a photo I found on the web that is exactly like the one I have.

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