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Maytag - MGT3800TWH stackable washer dryer

Since 1907, Maytag has been providing consumers with washers and dryers. One of the products that Maytag takes pride in is its MGT3800TW. This is a 2.6 cu. ft. washer and a 5.9 cu. ft. dryer combo. This product receives mix reviews from the consumers. Read the article and learn info about this model.

Key features

- Quite Series 200 Sound System - This feature ensures that the machine operates without any noise.
- Extra-large Door Opening - with an extra-large door opening, loading the unit is efficient and easy.
- End-of-Cycle Signal - The end of the cycle signal is a warning to indicate that the washer or dryer is done operating.
- Four Water Temperature Combinations - The four water temperature combinations ensure that your washing needs will be sufficiently provided.
- Multicycle Wash Settings - The multicycle wash settings make sure that your laundry will be washed thoroughly.
- Delicate Setting - The delicate setting feature is designed for washing and drying clothes made from delicate materials.
- Fine Mesh Lint Filter - This ensures the easy cleaning and maintenance of the machine.
- Load Flex Agitator - This feature gives you a powerful machine that you can use for efficient cleaning and drying of clothes.
- adjustable Degree of Dryness Setting - This one allows you to adjust the level of dryness depending on the material of clothes.


There are many advantages of using this machine according to consumers. One is its space-saving quality. This washer and dryer combo can help you easily manage space
on your laundry area. If you're living in a condo or apartment, this machibe is what you need. The washing settings of this unit is also varied. The nine washing settings gives you options for washing whites, colored, and delicate clothings. Using this machine is also water-saver. This has a sensor that prevents you from using more than enough water for your laudry. Whether you are going nto wash regular clothes or delicate ones, you can be confident that the drying system of this unit will take care of the materials. Through this unit's dryness level, you can dry diffrerent types of clothing materials. Another good thing about this unit is its noiseless washing and drying operation. You can do your laundry in the middle of the night confident that you won't be waking everybody up.


Although this machine boasts many advantages, it also has a lot of drawbacks. For one, the washer/dryer has a very simple design. The design is actually very simple that it is not really a great addition to a modern-themed home. Aside form this, the options for color is very limited. This one is available only in white color.

Consumer thoughts


- silent operation
- space saver
- has extra large door opening
- has a fine mesh lint filter
- has various options for dryness level
- has a setting for delicate washing and drying
- has various water temperature options
- helps you save water


- has a very limited model color
- has a very simple model design

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Comments for Maytag - MGT3800TWH stackable washer dryer

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May 08, 2010
All i could ask
by: T harris

My ancient kitchen had space for a washer, but not a dryer (did the previous owners dry everything on a clothesline) and the only way I could get a dryer without having to rip out the kitchen was to get a stackable model. I wasn't happy. My previous experience with a stackable washer/dryer had been in college, and that washer was capable of washing two pairs of jeans and one towel a load.

I found the Maytag MGT3800TWH at a Sears Outlet store with a nasty gash down one side. It was the side that faces a wall, so I went for it. It was a good decision! The MGT3800TWH can take a fullsize load easily! Even of jeans or towels. It really washes the clothes.

The machine stays balanced through the most heavy duty loads. It is easy to use (one washer I looked at would have required special training), but has enough options so that you can customize the wash effectively for each load. The machine also fully rinses with each cycle, so you don't get gross detergent build up.

During the years it has been chugging away in my kitchen I have not had a single problem with it. It does its job, takes up little space, and gives me no problems. What more could I ask for?

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