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Maytag MFW9700SQ Epic Washer 4.0 cu ft

by Murray Bearchell
(Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)

When it was first bought we thought we got a good deal and would save money on a front load. It shows a count down clock and I noticed the last minute was taking longer and longer and it was spinning more often (Not saving on power bill now). Now it keeps telling me suds, or not draining properly. We use HD soap (very little) and have a water softener. You literally have to shake the hose in an up & down motion rapidly and a bunch of black stuff comes out of the pump. Then it will drain faster. The washer is a year and a half old. I pulled off the hose and it's clear so what ever it is is getting trapped in the pump. Every 1-3 weeks it plugs up again. I'm very disappointed.

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