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Maytag MEDE900VW Electric Steam Dryer (White) 11-Cycle 7.5 Cu. Ft

Maytag’s MEDE900VW is an electric steam dryer that boasts a whopping 7.5 cubic feet of space. This front-loading dryer is also loaded with other features that make it ideal for any large, busy household that needs dry clothes ready right away.

Key features

- GentleBreeze Drying System with IntelliDry Sensor
These technologies allow your dryer to automatically monitor your laundry’s moisture content and adjust drying times and temperature accordingly. Clothes don’t get overdried, and different fabric types aren’t damaged by overly high temperatures.
- 11 automatic cycles
Your dryer can handle any type of fabric without causing undue damage or wear and tear. Included in the cycles is the Wrinkle Prevent Option, which keeps clothes looking fresh and wrinkle-free without the need for ironing. Other convenient additions are the Rapid Refresh and Custom Refresh steam-enhanced cycles. The steam reduces wrinkles while removing unpleasant odor from your laundry.
- DuraCushion drum
The dryer’s smooth interior prevents clothes from snagging, while reducing friction as well as wear and tear on your garments.
- NSF Certified Sanitary Cycle
This guarantees that your dryer can removes more than 90% of common household germs from your laundry. You’re assured of clean and safe to use garments for you and your family.
- Direct Feed, Easy Plumb Water Hook Up
This removes the hassle of complicated installation and setup.
- Smooth Balance Suspension System with Quiet Series 400 Sound Package
Vibration and noise are greatly reduced for smooth, quiet operation. Your dryer can be installed anywhere because of reduced noise features.
- Maytag Commercial
All your dryer’s parts are guaranteed to be durable and hardy. This dryer can meet the needs of large, demanding, busy households.


One of the clear advantages of this dryer is its very large capacity. With 7.5 cubic feet, you can save on a lot of time, energy, and effort by being able to dry a large amount of clothes in one cycle.

The Wrinkle Prevent Option, coupled with the Rapid Refresh and Custom Refresh cycles, ensure that your laundry is always fresh-smelling and looking just pressed without the actual need for ironing. Another great feature is the IntelliDry Sensor, which reduces damage to clothes by preventing overdrying. Overall, this is a great dryer that does its job efficiently and well. It is highly rated for its drying performance and fabric care.


Its hefty price tag may make it out of reach for large households with a small budget. There are cheaper models that offer almost the same set of features. Some are also disappointed to find out that the power cord is sold separately.

Consumer likes and dislikes


- clothes are properly dried, without ever being either damp or overly dried.
- many of this dryer’s features prevent wear and tear on fabrics.
- has NSF Certified Sanitary Cycle
- large capacity
- quiet operation with minimal vibration
- reversible door that can swing to either side


- expensive price (especially since the white model is cheaper than the black one, even though they have the same features)
- power cord is sold separately

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