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Maytag MEDE500VW 7.2 cu. ft. white Performance Series electric dryer

The MEDE500VW, a front-loading dryer by Maytag, has a large capacity of 7.0 cubic feet. This makes it ideal for large, busy households. With such a capacity, you can dry more laundry per load, saving you time and energy. However, the MEDE500VW?s capacity isn?t the least of its features.

Key features

- GentleBreeze drying system with IntelliDry Sensor: Your dryer automatically senses your laundry?s moisture levels. This allows the dryer to adjust temperature and drying times accordingly to preventing overdrying, shrinkage, and damage to fabric.
- 9 automatic cycles with 5 temperature settings: This dryer can handle a wide variety of fabric types and garments, making it capable of answering your every drying need.
- Rapid Refresh and Custom Refresh steam-enhanced cycles: These options use steam technology to remove unpleasant odor, making your laundry smell clean and fresh. The steam also reduces wrinkles, lessening the need for ironing.
- 120-minute Wrinkle Prevent Option: You can delay unloading your laundry for up to two hours without worrying about wrinkles setting in. This option continues to tumble your laundry without heat once the cycle is done, reducing wrinkle formation.
- NSF Certified Sanitary Cycle: This guarantees that your dryer removes up to 99.99% of common household germs from your laundry. You?re assured of clean, sanitary garments for you and your family.
- DuraCushion dryer drum: Aside from its large capacity, this drum also boasts of a smooth, snag-free interior that reduces friction as well as damage to your clothes
- Direct Feed/ Easy Plumb (DFP) Water Hook Up: With this, installing and setting up your dryer is a snap.
- Smooth Balance Suspension System with Quiet Series 300 Sound Package: These help inimize vibration and reduce noise.
- Electronic display front-panel
controls with control lockout option: Your dryer is simple and easy to use, with a feature that prevents anyone from accidentally turning it on.
- End-of-cycle signal and estimated time remaining display: You?ll know when your laundry is done without the need for closely monitoring it.
- Maytag Commercial Technology: All parts and pieces of your dryer are hardy and long-lasting.


With its great capacity, versatility in handling all sorts of fabric with care, and durability, this dryer is a great choice for large, busy households. Its tough yet sleek-looking exterior houses commercial-grade parts that promise to keep working for you for a very long time. As a dryer, the MEDE500VW is very efficient, getting your clothes dry without damage and shrinkage. The steam-enhanced and sanitary cycles guarantee clean, fresh-smelling laundry every time. And with retail prices as low as US$750, this dryer is certainly more affordable than others. Since this dryer is such a consistently top-rated machine, it has numerous praises from customers. Consumers were especially pleased with the dryer?s following features: larga capacity, useful features, and ease of use.


Although the MEDE500VW has received mostly positive consumer rating and feedback, there are those who claim that their units don't perform just as well as advertised. In some cases, clothes are still damp even after the drying cycle. Some say, however, that the key to its excellent drying performance is choosing the right settings for the type of laundry.

Consumer likes and dislikes


- large capacity
- value for money
- has sensors
- has steam-enhanced cycles
- easy to use controls
- control lockout option (especially great for households with young children and toddlers)


- still leave clothes damp, according to some consumers

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