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Maytag LDE 482

by J. M.
(Barrington, IL)

Laundry day is made easier with the help of appliances that are reliable and high performance. Maytag's Dryer Model LDE 482 is a steady performer, this machine works like a charm.

My Maytag natural gas dryer has the several settings. I use the timed dry and air fluff settings the most. This is the first natural gas dryer I have used. I was worried that the clothes might smell like gas, however this has not been a problem. Also I notice the heat is really hot and it seems to dry better then previous experience with electric dryers.

The front-loading dryer has a lint screen at the bottom of the door. The lint screen is easy to clean. I clean this screen after each use. I believe that a dryer?s performance is greatly improved by keeping the lint screen clean. Frequent lint screen cleaning also helps prevent fire hazards. My Mom had a fire in her lint trap when I was young, so I?m a big believer in preventative maintenance.

Overall I?m very happy with my Maytag dryer, it is reliable and performs up to my standards. My only regret is this dryer is a beige color. This color just seems to look a bit dated, however I?m keeping my dryer because it has been trouble-free and it does a great job.

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