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Maytag Heavy Duty Auto Dry Control

by Wendy Eller
(Oak Hill, Fl)

This dryer has been a long time runner. It has a full size drying tub, and loads from the front. It has been faithful, and has dried a lot of clothes. The controls have been easy to use, and operate. They are also set in a convenient position of operation.

It is not hard or difficult to learn how to control this dryer. It includes several temperature settings, as well as an hour timer. It has fully dried a lot of clothes, leaving no damp spots, or wet clothing. I have had this dryer going on 15 years, and it is still running like new. It has a good built in filter for lent and waste that can be washed in water when you are done drying. The filter is easy to remove, and to replace back in the machine.

This dryer has all the features, and comfort of use that anyone could operate. The price on this dryer was also very reasonable. It comes complete with manual and instructions.

It is also easy to set up in just about any utility room, or garage. Anyone can set it up, even women or teenagers. It came also with the air duct tube enclosed. So setup is completed easily, and operation is a breeze.

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