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Maytag Front Loading Washing Machine MAH2400AWW

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  Quick Specs  
Style: front load, compact, large door opening,
Cleaning: 1200 rpm, inteli control, auto temperature control
Cycles: 22
Features: delay start, end of cycle signal, time remaining indicator

fast spinning washing machine

Washer Highlights

IntelliFill™ Water Level Sensor: This washer doesn't waste water with its built in sensor that automatically detects load size and adjusts water usage.
Automatic Temperature Control: This compact front load washer adjusts water temperature when needed, so you always get reliable cleaning performance that's suited to your wash load.
10 Different Cycles: Whether you're washing tough stains, jeans, delicates or whites, this washer has the right cycles to make sure your clothes are clean and well taken care of.
Electronic Controls: Clear, easy-to-use electronic controls at the front of the washer makes handling this machine a breeze; each wash option is laid out in a neat manner for your ease and convenience.
Five Water Temperature Combinations: Clothes need the right temperature to ensure that fabrics don't get ruined, which is why this washer offers five water temperature combinations for optimal cleaning and well-preserved garments.

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Load Front
Spin Speed 1200
Temperature Settings 5
Internal Water Heater No
Color White
Drum material  Stainless Steel
Lid hidge  
Height 33 1/4 inches
Width 23 3/4 inches
Depth 25 1/5 inches
No. of Cycles 22
Whitest whites Yes
heavy duty wash Yes
Normal wash Yes
Quick wash  Yes
Delicate wash Yes
Hand wash Yes
Rinse Yes
Clean washer cycle Yes
Allergen  No
Auto water level control Yes
Bleach Dispenser Yes
Add a garment  No
Delay start Yes
Control lockout No
Sound Package  
Estimate time remaining Yes
Energy Star Qualified Yes
Max extract (extra spin) No
Power Wash cycle No
Vibration Control No
Dynamic Venting  (16 hour fresh hold)  No
Oxi boost option No
Intellifill (auto water level sensor)  Yes


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Comments for Maytag Front Loading Washing Machine MAH2400AWW

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Jun 15, 2011
Good While it Lasted
by: Tina D

I purchased the MAH2400AWW (made by Whirlpool) in 2005 with matching dyer. In the first 3 months of owning the set my problems started. To begin with, the dryers thermostat went. Had it replaced and not an issue from it since until recently. However, the washing machine is a whole other story. Many repairs have been made to it with the control panel and pump being the two biggest issues. I know that my experience with this set of front loaders has turned me off on front loaders entirely. I will be purchasing a new top loader set soon because yet again the control panel has crapped out, except this time on both the washer and dryer. If I knew what I know now about these two products I would never have purchased them. Hopefully my review is helpful.

May 31, 2011
Piece of Crap, Horrible Customer Service
by: Anonymous

I purchased the washer and it worked fine for 5 years, minus little problems here and there. (such as having to lift up on door for each load to make it lock.) Then at 5yrs and 2 months I get a 3E error which means a motor failure. (i.e. it costs more to fix that it is worth) I called Matag and they refused to help at all. They said sorry it is 2 months out of warranty and there is nothing they would do. I spoke to two people and a manager and they said flat-out said they were not willing to support their product as it over the warranty. HORRIBLE customer service. I will never buy a Matag appliance again and would recommend anyone to steer clear of the brand. I am heading to best buy now to get a new non-matag brand washer. FU Matag. You have lost a customer for life.

Mar 29, 2011
Piece of crap. Will never buy another Maytag
by: Anonymous

The washer is less than 6 years old and it has had a complete breakdown. Motor, motor harness and electronics. Approx $700 in parts alone to fix. Called Maytag and they hid behind their one year warranty. Offered to pay for the service call at $65. Given the price of the washer I would have expected Maytag, actually Whirlpool, to stand behind its product. Apparently not. Customer service and stops as soon as the warranty expires. I will never buy a Maytag appliance again.

Mar 25, 2011
by: Old timer

Have This Maytag (tag your it)Piece of garbage in my condo and was only used on weekends and during the summer. 14 months after purchase the drum bearings started to whine.Next the drum bearing seized and would not turn.got bearing free whining got worse sounded like a jet taking off. then the belt kept coming off. I can do the work myself or I would have paid for a new one in repair bills. The matching dryer is ok.The washer cleaned ok when it worked. Run away and don't look back.

Feb 16, 2011
Magtag, never again
by: jwd

This machine should be recalled. The plastic around the door hinges cracked with the door falling away from the hinges. The weak plastic holding the hinges is a terrible design that cannot withstand the weight of the door or the movement of the door. I have to replace that door for a very high cost. The mechanism on the door lock over a short period of use deteriorated so that the door would not open when pushing the door opener lever causing you to have to pull hard on the door to get it open. You constantly had to try to adjust the poorly dessigned spring on the mechanism for opening the door so the push lach would open the door. On every wash your must watch the slot on the bottom of the front drain for items that will drain through the slot. That huge slot opening is a terrible design. I bought maytag because I trusted the name. Never again. No whirlpool, no maytag again. What is that German brand again?

Jan 19, 2011
horrible washer
by: Anonymous

Door hinges are so poorly designed that the door breaks easily, and it doesn't form an adequate seal against the machine. Result: water leaks out the bottom of the front of the washer. Not only does it make the floor dangerously wet, eventually it will rust out the lip which the rubber door seal clips to.

Incredibly poorly designed. These should be recalled.

Avoid this washer at all costs. I'm never buying another Maytag appliance, ever.

Dec 30, 2010
Aint what they used to be.....
by: Buddy

My wife and I selected the MAH2400AWW Maytag with matching stackable dryer because of the compactness and the fact that I have had excellent service from Maytag products over the years. I cannot say that anymore.....all the reviews on this machine echo the same complaint. The rubber door seal in the front has 3 drain holes at the bottom. Two small round holes, and one oval hole that looks and acts like a coin slot. MY 9 YEAR OLD GRANDSON WOULD NOT HAVE DESIGNED A DRAIN HOLE LIKE THAT! Why has there not been a recall on these? I think the vibration on this machine has affected the control panel or door sensor because it wont go through an entire cycle now without error codes.
I have had Maytag washer and dryer sets that lasted 25 years......this washer wont make 3 years. Avoid this one...."cause they just aint what they used to be".

Dec 25, 2010
Maybe the fault lies not with the machine, but with the operator? Just sayin'
by: Anonymous

I acquired this machine not by choice. It was installed in the townhouse unit I bought.

I have lived here and used this maching for over 3-1/2 years now and aside from not having a manual for it so I could decipher the various error codes that occasionally pop up, I've only had one MAJOR issue: the pump seized. But it was MY fault because I had left a tie clip in one of my pockets which worked its way out and jammed the impeller of the pump.

Fortunately I am somewhat handy and was able to fix the problem myself.

Now, I have read a LOT of negative comments about how the machine won't hold up because coins get into the pump, etc.

To those people: Did you maybe think about possibly going through your laundry and ensuring the pockets are empty BEFORE you put your clothes in the wash?? I dunno. It's a shot in the dark but that might help...MAYBE.

Chances are, your answer is "no" or "sort of" or "maybe" which tells me that the "one time" the pump failed because of debris in the wash is NOT the first time the pump has had to contend with it. Bottom line: This machine works great. It does everything I need it to do and it even manages to get through my roommate's laundry and he's not gentle with appliances.

it's not an industrial washing machine so don't treat it as such, and for crying out loud check your pockets first. How would YOU like it if you were fed pennies and quarters in your mashed potatoes on a regular basis? I'm thinkin' not so much.

Dec 12, 2010
Worst washer ever.
by: Anonymous

We were stuck with this washer in our rental, but are required for its repair. Just now a four year old machine and I have had it apart at least four times. Coins and other small objects get into the drain pump far too easily. The main motor has failed twice. The machine's detergent area is always gross and dirty, the door seal is always gross and dirty. We run those special cleaners through as well as wipe it out the best we can, but nothing really helps. We'll never purchase a front loader for our house in the future!

Dec 06, 2010
maytag, now whirlpool
by: Anonymous

Maytag, now Whirlpool (Amana, Kenmoore) failed after three years. Motor dropped from mounting in drum support (parts no.s W10128585& W10253864)

The machine wouldn't spin or agitate and I expected I would have to replace the belt but found instead the motor lying in the bottom of the machine and the mounting bolt ($5.00) had sheared no big deal except for the other half still in the drum support ($400.00) and a service call labor of hundreds more. Whirlpool / Maytag acknowledges that the bolt shouldn't fail and it's either a defective bolt or error in assembly but at best will only discount parts 25% since there's only a 1 year warranty on defects. So I an exposure of potential labor and parts greater then the original cost of the machine. Stay away from Whirlpool, Amana Maytag and Kenmore products. Our old Maytag lasted more than 20 years and was swapped out running but matching dryer was acting up. Maytag machines aren't what they used to be!!!

Oct 25, 2010
worst washer ever!
by: Anonymous

Had mine for just under three years. They had to replace it two weeks after I bought it after Maytag admitted it was a lemon. Now it needs a new motor which is $500.00 according to the repairman that cost me $129.00 just to have him look at it. On the Maytag website it says "Better Built to Perform" "Better Built to Last". Too bad their product didn't live up to this. I will never buy another Maytag appliance again.

Aug 17, 2010
by: Ryan

So today my fiance and I decided to do a load of lawndry, I loaded two pairs of carharts and just a few other thing like socks and shirts. Suddenly it sounded like a jet just took off in my livingroom, and we live right beside the airport, so I had to stop the washer and take the dryer off and I looked behinde the washer only to find TWO PIECES of metal on the ground behined it. Looking further behind the stupid thing I see it has managed to rip itself apart, Im talking metal mounts splitting and ripping out, this thing has been nothing but trouble. Every wash is like a jet taking off and even when we put ONE towel (althought it says we can put 16 in there) it walks itself out of the closet. Maytage - get ready for Recall after Recall.

Aug 10, 2010
by: Anonymous

I have fixed mine myself several times, the problem is that there should be some type of filter device preventing coins from getting into the pump in the first place!!! You were lucky and got the coin out before the pump blew itself to pieces!

Aug 09, 2010
Fix it yourself! I did!
by: Anonymous

You guys can pretty much do just about anything!
I did a quick prayer for wisdom and managed to fix it!
Flip the washer upright, under it remove the screws and the water pump (easy) then look inside it and walah! Low and behold a nickle!
After I removed it - it was fixed.

God Bless

Aug 06, 2010
Poor pump design
by: MATT

DAGNABIT!!! Darn pump just blew apart again from another coin getting lodged in it. Should be a recall issued and a filter of some sort sent out. This is ridiculous. Second pump in 9 months! Poor design

Jul 31, 2010
5 years and still running
by: Anonymous

I just diagnosed a problem from the 3rd comment about coins/keys. Heard a clanking noise and check the tube and found a quarter and two keys. Wow. Plan on doing the drywall anchor trick. Otherwise, this washer rocks. It's quiet in my condo, it spins fast but doesn't vibrate (unless I put too many clothes in, in which case it will slow down to let the clothes resettle before spinning fast again). Seals are still good, never leaked.

Apr 26, 2010
There should be a Recall!!!!
by: david craft

I purchased 12 of these units at once and have replaced two. Had another serviced under warranty, currently have two down because The machines tear themselves apart. The seals on the bearings go bad and water destroys the bearings. Eventually the machine is literally jumping off the floor as it is spinning out at top speeds.

Also The pumps crap out with a bobby pin or penny going into them. So I have spent maybe a grand or more on replacing pumps. I finally created my own strainer to keep items from going into the pumps.

The dryers came with bad bearings also and I have had to replace all of those.

Dec 29, 2009
I wouldn't recommend
by: Anonymous

I haven't had the best experience with the washer since I bought it 4 years ago. I find that clothes come out smelling mouldy right after a wash. I also notice that the rubber circular seal aroung the door seems to collect "grunge" in the creases over a few washes and I have to wipe it out. I've never had a washer I had to clean/sterilize quarterly like this one. I also have experienced insane vibrations during the spin cycles as well. Once I stepped out of the house and came home to find the dryer that was stacked ontop, now fallen right off onto the floor. It really shakes quite violently!

I've had the service man in two times to troubleshoot why it leaks all over the floor. He hasn't found out why. It just died on me now completelt tonight and won't drain at all. I'm so frustrated so I thought I'd vent and warn all of you potential buyers. Turn Back! Dryer is ok though.

May 20, 2009
Does its job quite adequately
by: Colin Jones

When my wife and I decided to purchase a new washing machine our primary concern was energy efficiency and our secondary concern was price. The Maytag front loader that decided upon has met both requirements adequately.

We use cloth diapers for our son and wash them ourselves so trust me when I say that we do a lot of laundry. Rare is the day when we don't put two loads through the machine, so the low operating cost of a front loading washer is very important to us. After our first electric bill we noticed the difference. The washer is compact and attractive, and, if we ever move to a smaller apartment, offers us the option of easy stacking, although the rack which allows stacking was extra.

It's quick, has many features we appreciate including options on when to introduce fabric softener, a pause feature in case you forget to add an item to the cycle, a start delay and a pleasant chime to indicate the end of the cycle rather than a jarring buzzer. Another bonus for us that a local cleaning supply company offers a environmentally friendly detergent specifically made for front loading washers.

In terms of draw backs, the washing machine is very loud during the spin cycle, (my son thinks it sound sounds like a jet taking off) and the noise is accompanied by severe vibrations which move throughout our small apartment. No mater how we’ve tried to balance the machine, we’ve been unable eliminate the shaking. I doubt this would be a problem in most homes as washing machines are usually stored in the basement.

The other problem we experience is that the door often doesn’t shut. Maytag included an alarm which informs you that the door hasn’t locked but it takes a minute or two before this sounds, by which point we’ve already walked away. One minor gripe we have is that the printing in the detergent tray has run and whenever we open the tray our thumbs are stained blue.

All in all, none of these drawbacks are deal breakers and we would happily suggest this machine to others. If you have the money, go for a larger machine, but if you’re cash strapped as we are, I suggest this model as the extra initial cost will be more than made up for in energy savings.

Mar 23, 2009
Design Flaw
by: Anonymous

While this washer is generally a good value, there's one real tiny design flaw that you should know about, and can easily fix. There's a rubber "gasket" that goes all the way around the door. At the bottom of that gasket there are drain holes to allow water to drain into the pump. Maytag should have used a series of tiny holes as drain holes, but instead they used two tiny holes and a larger "slot." The slot will allow coins to slip down into the pump if you happen to leave any change in your pockets. It will make a huge racket when the coin lodges against the pump impeller, and if it's a quarter it can even block some of the water drainage, leaving wet clothes.

First, the easy fix. Take a plastic drywall anchor, those kind that have a larger head, and a smaller shaft. Just slip that into the center of the "slot," lodge it in there, and now coins can't slip down. Check once in a while to see that it catches your coins.

Now, if you've already got the coin noise, do this. Pop off the bottom front plastic panel. Tilt the washer backward, and from the underneath, on the right side (facing the washer), just reach up and feel the rubber drain tube. It connects to the pump with an easy pinch clamp. Thumb and forefinger are enough to pinch the clamp, slide it back on the hose, then gently pull the hose off the pump. Fish out the coins that are making the noise. Put the hose back on, and replace the clamp. Problem fixed.

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