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Maytag Epicz Front load Washer MHWZ600TB

The Maytag MHWZ600 is a good washer with some great features to handle different laundry needs.

The Auto Water Level system, The Detergent Advantage System Dispenser and the The Adaptive Variable Speed Motor are some of the features that take the guess work out of washing a load, using automatic sensors to make any necessary changes to the wash cycle.

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Product Overview

Washer Highlights

The MHWZ600TB is part of the Epic z Front Load Washer line. As such, this washer is designed to deliver highly efficient operation, while providing a thorough wash for garments.

This washer is so efficient that, in some markets, one might be able to qualify for Energy Rating rebates.

Interior Highlights

The Auto Water Level system is effective and efficient. Sensors monitor the water level and load size to determine just how much water should be used. In effect, users get clean clothes with less water consumption.

The heating system is designed to heat the water to a preset temperature depending on the type of cycle that one chooses. This basically means that users don't have to guess what temperature to set. The Thermal Optimizer functions in a “Stepped Cleaning” procedure, which heats water to certain temperatures throughout the cleaning process. The washer even has a Sanitary Cycle that eliminates infectious bacteria.

The Adaptive Variable Speed Motor is designed to provide the clothes with a thorough but gentle wash. Depending on the size of the load, the washer adapts the motor speed to ensure that the clothes are treated with sensitivity.

Exterior Highlights

The Detergent Advantage System Dispenser has three compartments: one for detergent, another for bleach, and a third for fabric softener. The washer automatically dispenses the products throughout the wash cycle.

The Suspension System is composed of six springs. Four shock absorbers are positioned at the base of the washer to help minimize movement and washer “walk." Two springs isolate the vibrations
produced during operation, helping the washer to stay balanced and operate quietly.

The Dynamic Balance system, monitors the washer and adjusts the position of the clothing inside the drum whenever the washer gets off-balance.
Three colors: white with chrome, black with chrome, and slate blue.

Dimension Specifications

Height: 36 in.

Width: 27 in.

Depth: 30.5 in.

Total volume: 3.7 cu.ft.

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The energy-efficient design of the Maytag MHWZ600TB means that consumers can save on their utility bills. Also, the washer can qualify for energy rebates. In some cases, owners have gotten up to $200 in rebates from power and water companies.

With ten wash cycles, four wash options and five temperature settings to choose from, it's easy to find the right configuration for any type of load thrown into this washer.

Furthermore, it's easy to configure the settings with the use of the electronic control panel. The washer cleans clothes well, especially with the Sanitary Cycle.
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Some people have complained that this washer has a tendency to move about and make noise during operation. Buyers may want to test the washer out to see if the noise and vibrations are bearable, or if they should keep looking for another washer.

Numerous owners also had the washer serviced or repaired for various reasons, such as a quarter causing problems after getting through the filter and into the motor. Other customers also had it repaired because of leaks.

The black and slate blue makes of the washer cost $100 more than the white version, while the washer itself costs around $1,000.
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• has many washing modes and options

• comes in three colors

• washes clothes well

• efficiently uses resources

• moves around and makes noise during operation

• receives various complaints about leaks and other problems

• gets Maytag customer service complaints

• has hefty price tag

Full Specifications »

Load Front
Spin Speed 1200
Number of Spin Speeds  
Temperature Settings 5
Color Black
Drum material  Stainless Steel
Lid Hinge   
Controls Digital and Knob
Height 36 inches
Width 27 inches
Depth 30 1/2 inches
No. of Cycles 10
Steam No
Allergen Removal  No
Power Wash No
Bleach Dispenser Yes
Add a garment  Yes
Delay start Yes
Control lockout Yes
Sound Package Quietseries  400
Estimate time remaining Yes
Energy Star Qualified No
Fresh Hold Option No
Max Extract Spin Yes
Sensi-Care Wash system Yes
Oxi-treat (stain fighting) No
Smooth Balance  Yes
Intelifill (water level sensor) Yes


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Comments for Maytag Epicz Front load Washer MHWZ600TB

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Oct 02, 2011
Suds and F-21
by: Avoid this product.

Starts fine but once it gets to rinse stops says SD, which means it detects excessive suds then stops and says F-21. Have tried using half the amount of detergent, Fail. F-21 states water is unable to drain due to discharge hose. Short fix was unplug it let it sit for an hour and then restart. This no longer works now, it goes to SD then F-21 90% of time. With 2 boys under the age of 4 only being able to do 1 load of wash in a day stinks. Would give a Zero if available. Not buying maytag again, Thanks Sears.

Aug 17, 2011
Don't buy!
by: Anonymous

Maytag Epic Z
Wouldn't recommend it! Makes all kind of noise, takes forever to figure out if it's going to spin or not, and the water levels are so low that towels and washcloths don't get rinsed enough so they stink.
Give me back a good old-fashioned top loader and lots of water!

Jul 18, 2011
not even 1 star
by: Anonymous

Class action law suit needs to be filed for the Maytag Epic front load washer. Epic FAIL!

May 22, 2011
Piece of Crap
by: Ticked in Canada!

I was so excited when we bought our Maytag Epic z in 2008. In 2009 something went wrong. It was really loud and then water everywhere. I'm not entirely sure what happened, but something about bearings, cracked drum, stabilizer gone? that was it. It was NOT under warranty, but luckily we bought it with VISA which doubled the warranty. It will be 3 years in 2 months and now the Boot? Seal has gone on the front of the machine so now it leaks. I believe the part runs around $150-200. Because we bought the blue one, I wont even be able to find a match if I wanted to replace the piece of crap! I want to note that when I bought this, there were good reviews out.

Feb 06, 2011
Not Good
by: John Joeright

Paid a high price for this and within a month of warranty expiration (11 months) the water ceased to drain from the drum and the cycle stopped. No one in my area is willing to work on one of these. All suggest the cost of repair is close to the purchase price. Sorry Maytag. Its time to tell the world that your products are bad. I'd be happy to tell them you stood behind it if you'd be so kind but you wouldn't.

Feb 02, 2011
Class Action Lawsuit Needed
by: Pleasant Hill Mom

After getting nowhere with either Maytag or Whirlpool, I've come to the conclusion that Whirlpool needs to have a class action lawsuit brought against them regarding their EPIC washing machines. My original spindle ripped off the drum causing damage to the bearings, drum and shell. The spindle is completely corroded. The drum, that is obviously not stainless steel, is rusted. Maytag had to settle with 2 million customers over the Neptune machines.

Oct 25, 2010
Has been the worst purchase i have every made
by: Anonymous

We purchashed the washer in in oct.2008. We have had it worked on four times that was before the manufactory warranty was up .We got a extended warranty, I called them to let them know it needs repaired again, They told me that i dont have a warranty.I said i have it right in front of me.I said you know this will be the fifth time that it needs repaired i shouldnt have to call you five times for a new washer. I still dont have it fixed. If anybody was smart they would not buy this washer it has been the worst purchase i have every made.

Oct 22, 2010
2 year old EpicZ bearing failure
by: Another Maytag Failure

We purchased ours in April 2008 and just today were told by a repair person that it will require $740 to replace the drum and basket assembly to fix a failed main bearing. He said it was likely caused by the earlier failure of a bolt holding the basket to the drum that then caused the drum to go out of alignment which then over time caused the main bearing to fail. We called him in because of increasing noise (squealing and chirping sounds) during spin cycles. And our set is the Slate Blue colour so this means we"ll have to replace both pieces to to keep a color matched set in our laundry room. Like others here we'll be avoiding Maytag brands from now on.

Jul 13, 2010
Maytag EPIC Front Load Washer MFW9700SQ1 JUNK !!!!!!
by: Disgruntled Maytag Owners in Ohio

We saved for over 28 years to buy our "dream" washer / dryer set - a Maytag. (big mistake)

Purchased at Home Depot for $1,800 in January of 2008. Only 18 months later in fall of 2009 the washer started getting noisier and noiser. Last month a repairman said that the bearings were defective, which also ruined our drum. Final cost to repair will be $800. After reading numerous online complaints about other Maytag front load washers and class action law suits, I can't help but wonder if the EPIC line will be the next in the long line of lawsuits against Maytag.

Save your money. You're better off doing your laundry in a local creek using a stone to beat the dirt out of your clothes.

Just a total shame...Maytag used to mean quality.
The emphasis is on "used to".

Jun 10, 2010
worst purchase ever touche'
by: Art

Factore A&E rebuilt because it would not run after only 14 months old...told me I now had a new machine...a week later it is dead...what a complete hunk of junk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jun 03, 2010
2 weeks, Blown control board
by: John in Atlanta

Picked this unit up at a local chain discounter. Got it home, installed easily, and it worked great, for 2 weeks. Then it would power up but not start when the START button was pushed. Tech came out and diagnosed faulty control electronics. Two weeks later it is working again. Not happy about that and the service tech said I really should have bought the extended warranty. He replaces lots of control electronics. Obviously he would not let me keep the defective controls (I am an electronics engineer, would have anaylyzed fault and repaired if possible to be ready for next time). Would like to hear from others if they have had similar issues or if they have had great success.



Jun 03, 2010
by: kenora ontario

we bought this washing machine because of the maytag name,then found out that it is a whirlpool,apparently maytag lost a class action lawsuit over the problems with original frontloader and they got purchased by whirlpool.the front seal was warped,leaked on floor a bit,finally replaced,new seal was installed over 1 drain hole,always had water/hair/suds/etc. stuck in bottom of door seal.99 out of a hundred times this machine has suds left in drum.we got down to 1 tsp of xe soap,still suds.would not clean coveralls,wound up in a ball,runs app. 1 to 1 1/2 hr per load.too slow.i even took to running on extra rinse,still suds.apparently xe soap gives many people skin rashes also.after 1 year,(only 1 year wty now-whirlpool)my wife said "get that thing out of here or else" i purchased an $60.00 sears heavy duty top-loader at a yard sale,100% better.hauled piece of crap maytag back to dealer,says works fine,offered $500 for machine,cost $950 1 yr ago.owner's manual says minimum +40f cold water or suds in machine,canada has cold water,checked tap +34f city service.still at dealer,for sale! thanks.

Apr 21, 2010
Great marketing
by: Anonymous

Once again, Maytag has managed to send an inferior product to consumers while suggesting their repairmen have nothing to do. It was a great commercial but, as they say, time will tell.

I now liken maytag products to the other ingenious, misleading product that suggests you see a physician if your erection lasts more than four hours. I need to call a technician because my maytag won't perform for more then four hours.

This is the first time I purchased a maytag washer... it will be my last maytag product ever..... apparently, the R&D team is as complacent as their repairmen.

Just like the auto industry, they've been hosing north american consumers for quite some time.

Your truly,


Oct 26, 2009
after a year later, motor broke down
by: Anonymous

my motor stops working after 1 year and 4 months. It made this loud clunk noise and i have no idea what's that sound. After further investigation, i figured the wheels that moves the washer has broken off into pieces.

I will not buy any US brand anymore!! Time to go buy the Samsung.

Oct 24, 2009
Brilliant Product
by: Anonymous

What a pleasant surprise, this nicely designed product well exceeded expectations and saved my reputation with the family. This does everything and more. Clothes seem cleaner & the sanitize cycle really does eliminate odors. The spin cycle does its job and clothes are almost dry just out of the washer. I've noticed a good reduction in the hydro bills and water useage too. Thumbs up to Maytag for another great washer.

Aug 05, 2009
Quiet and efficient
by: Steve

I am not happy with this Maytag Washer because of the End Of Cycle Signal is not loud enough unless you are 10 feet away from the machine.

The Maytag Website lists this model as having an Adjustable End Of Cycle Signal. THIS IS NOT TRUE. There is no adjustment of this End of Cycle Signal. I received my washer 5 days ago. I spent 1 1/2 hours on the phone with their Customer Service Department and the final explanation is that you can turn the Signal On and Off, so it is Adjustable.

I would not recommend this washer if the End of Cycle Signal is a feature that is one that would be prefered.

The washer works great, quiet and efficient.

May 19, 2009
Dream machine
by: Joan

This is a dream to use.
Being that this was my first front loading washer ever, I wasn't sure how I would like bending over to pull out my clothes. There was also some concern with limited space and the need for the door to swing open and mark a wall or anything nearby. But I am happy to say that I absolutely LOVE this machine. First off, it is SOOO quiet. I shut the laundry room door, and I can't even tell that it is on, so I often have to leave the door open a crack just to hear it. It also runs really cool.

When the door is shut, the room is never hot, so I don't have any worries there. The number of presets you have are just what you need. The liquid dispenser ports are in the right place and it is very easy to see what liquid goes where. The door has just enough stick to it so it wont go flying into a wall when you open it either. This seems to be a very efficient machine as well.

There is no waste of water, and when using a mode for hot washes it will alternate with cool water, not to over use hot, therefore lessening your monthly water bill. Also this thing is beautiful. I always make sure it is neat and clean and nothing is on top of it because it just looks gorgeous. You wouldn't think the appearance would mean anything but in truth you should care how it looks and by keeping it nice it will last a long time.

It should last forever being a Maytag. I was skeptical for a long time that Maytag had the best machines, but when my neighbor constantly told my how I have to get one and it will change the way you do the wash, I now am a believer. They make the best machines, and this one for the price is worth every penny. I love it, and you will love it too.

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