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Maytag dryer, model # MDE4658AYW

I have a Maytag dryer, model # MDE4658AYW. We bought this dryer from Sears approx 2 years ago. The dryer has "soft" contols for the cycle, vice a nechanical wheel. This was one of the features which attracted us to it. Our previous dryer was a different brand, and had a mechanical knob which seemed to break every few months, and which required purchasing a new one from the manufacturer.

In addition to the cycle/ fabric control, it has three knobs which can be used to set the dryness level, the temperature, and whether or not you want it to chime. We rarely use these controls, leaving the dryer on high temp, max dryness most of the time.

We have never had to have a professional repair, but we have had problems where out vent gets clogged, causing the dryer to become ineffective. Our dryer is in an alcove, so it has to be pulled out in order to attach the vent hose. When we push the dryer back into place, we have to be very careful not to kink the hose.

I wish the pipe on the dryer for attaching the hose was a little longer. The lint trap on the dryer is effective, but the dryer seems to have a lot of lint left behind when one pulls out the trap, which has to be cleaned after each cycle. The dryer capacity is good, and we have dried queen-sized quilted blankets in it.

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