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Maytag Centennial MVWC400VW top load Washer

Maytag is a company that is still working to establish its name in home appliance technology. When it comes to laundry equipment, the home appliance manufacturer claims to be a dependable and durable brand. With all the features that it offers, this may be true.

However, the company should not forget that there is always room for improvement, even for the MVWC400 top-loading washer. To compete with other well-featured washing machines, it has to work more on its efficiency and try to offer more features despite its relatively cheaper price.
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• good loading capacity of the washer

• noise-free spinning

• has white porcelain-on-steel washer basket

• has bleach and fabric softener dispenser

• has limited color and design options

• not as energy-efficient as the front loader

• bulky

• not as efficient as other washing machines

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Product Overview

Developed with Maytag Commercial Technology, the MVWC400, which comes in a neat white color, is part of the Maytag's Centennial series. It is powered by a commercial-grade drive system to stay true to its promise of high quality performance.

SuperSize Capacity Plus

At 3.5 cubic feet, this washer also has the SuperSize Capacity Plus feature. This simply means that this washing machine can accommodate more loads in just a few spins, making the task easier for consumers that have hectic schedules. For better cleaning results, it makes use of the LoadFlex agitator and 1/2 HP drain pump.

QuietSeries 100

Although most top loaders are known for the noise they make during operation, the Maytag MVWC400 does its job quietly, with help from its QuietSeries 100 Sound Package feature.

Controls and Settings

The washer's automatic temperature control also ensures that that the temperature setting is just right for the laundry.

With up to four temperature settings, these options enable a more meticulous wash for different types of clothing. Aside from this, this top loader also has 12 wash cycles and uses a white porcelain-on-steel basket to carry out a tough performance.

DependableClean wash system

Add to this the DependableClean wash system that takes away the grime, stains, and bad odor of dirty laundry items. This optimizes the washing and cleaning of clothes without putting much effort into it.

For an easy way to put bleach and fabric softener, this washer also has dispensers, so users don't have to keep going back just to check if they've added the laundry products into the load. All these make
MVWC400 a reliable washer.

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Aside from its good loading capacity, consumers are also quite satisfied with the cleaning power of this washer. Much of this credit should be given to its DependableClean wash system and LoadFlex agitator.

According to consumers, this cleaning system is really effective in removing stains and dirt from the laundry. Its durability only made buying this top-loading washer all the more practical. Also among its best features is its noise reduction technology.

Instead of the humming of the vibrating washer, users can only hear the soft sound of the spinning washing machine. Because of this, some consumers consider this washer to be a fine choice for the home setting.

For others, the best feature is its super size capacity that makes laundry cleaning a task that can finished in less time.

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There are various features that make this washer a good choice for household use, but this model also comes with its own limitations. One of these is that this equipment has limited color and design.

Shoppers won't find this item as attractive as other washers, though much of its appeal comes from being relatively cheaper. Some also claimed that this washer is not really as efficient as the other models and brands. The mere fact that the MVWC400 is a top-loading washer makes it less energy-efficient. This means that the users have to use more water and consume more energy.

Although this washer has a large capacity, users can find ample room for laundry if they use front loaders. Another drawback to using this model is that it takes up more space in the laundry room, simply because it is not stackable.

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Final Thought

The Maytag MVWC400 shows some promise in making one's laundry task a lot easier to get by. Some of its features are really designed for modern use. However, it also comes with some disadvantages that make it inferior to other models and brands. The decision to buy or not to buy this home appliance should rest on what the consumers want to prioritize.

If they are looking for functionality, this washer may not be the best yet this can pass as a good and quality household appliance. If looking for an excellent style and design, this model is not the perfect choice either because of its limited color and design option.

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Comments for Maytag Centennial MVWC400VW top load Washer

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Aug 19, 2011
so so so unhappy
by: Anonymous

This is by far the worst experience I have ever had with a washing machine. I hate it! Why did I think Maytag (maybe because Whirlpool now owns Maytag) would be as good as Whirlpool) I have owned Whirlpool appliances for 30 years and just had my washing machine quit on me after 25 yrs.

I thought it was time to get an energy efficiant washer and dryer. I have never been so unhappy. The spin cycle is HIGH for everything except for delicates. I have no control over the spin cycle. Therefore, creating wrinkles so deep even an iron won't get them out. The dryer won't even get them out.

I did not buy this to return to the ironing board to iron every bit of clothing washed.Someone who never does laundry must have come up with this brainstorm. Or someone that likes to iron!

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