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Maytag® Centennial® MTW5700TQ Top Load Washer

by Shay

I currently own the above-referenced washing machine, and have for 4 years now. I love this washing machine. My previous washing machine was a common machine in my college apartment building, so this was definitely an upgrade. This washing machine has varying load size selections and cycle selections which makes washing my delicates a breeze.

The rinse cycle on this machine is great. I’ve used other machines in which my clothes would come out soapy after going through a rinse, but this machine has a great rinse cycle that really removes excess detergent and water. The machine also has varying time scales, so I am never wasting water. This machine is also quite, which is wonderful since my laundry closet is right next to the den. Another great feature is that this machine is very stable. If I am using the light/mini load capacity cycle, the machine does not rock back and forth, which is awesome.

What I love most about the machine is that it works great with very small (mini) loads to large oversize loads. The machine can basically handle anything and it is very affordable. Not to mention it has the Maytag name behind it, so a consumer can rest assured that they are getting quality and nothing but.

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