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Magic Chef Heavy Duty CAV2005AWW WW

by Melissa Cowan
(Denton, TX, USA)

The Magic Chef Heavy Duty- Has super capacity plus, 2 speed combo, and 6 Cycles. It has a 3.3 cubic ft capacity drum and does indeed hold a ton of clothes. The inside of the lid reads 120 V-60 HZ, 11.5 Amps. And this wonderful machine was assembled right here in the USA.

I have abused this machine so much and it still runs as if it were brand new. I've over loaded it with heavy towels and tennis shoes and it still cleans everything down to the tiniest stain. The agitator has a 155 degree arc that ensures removal of residue and detergents to help protect sensitive skin. I have bad allergies and this washer does a good job of removing the pollen from all of my clothes. The polymer tub is designed to not snag fabrics.

I have never had clothes snag, but I do have bra straps wrap around the inner mechanism. Easy fix though-just unwrap. It boasts a self-cleaning lint filter system to prevent lint and dirt from entering the tub and redepositing on clothes, however, I do have the occasional clump of debris resurface in the tub.

Usually pet hair that had amassed on a blanket that was recently washed. Sometimes it collects together and then can't go down the holes in the tub. But I believe that would be the case with any washer. The washer is well balanced and doesn't dance around the floor like our old one did. It was awful, it was so loud we would have to turn the television up several levels to drown it out.

Also, this washer is pretty user friendly. It's top loading and easy to reach into. It has easy instructions and tips on the underside of the lid. It explains how to get out certain stains and what not to put into the washer, such as oil soaked items.

We rent our house and the washer came with it. I couldn't be happier! I've never used a washer so easy and caring of my clothes. It's never ripped anything or ruined anything. Yay!

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Feb 03, 2014
need help with my magic chef washer NEW
by: Anonymous

My washer is sounding like the motor is stuck.i found what looks like soot underneath of it. I was thinking it could b belt particles but the belt is still intact. When i push the belt it seems as if there is tension on it there is a possibility of it engaging the motor. Is this a possibility of it working again?

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