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LTF530F0 Frigidaire

LTF530F0 Frigidaire I have owned this washing machine for almost 8 months. I was very excited to get this machine, it is an upright front loading machine, which I have never owned or used before. It is very easy and simple to use.

I like that there are not dozens of different settings to have to choose from, it is very straight forward and simple. The machine is pretty quiet during use. Much more quiet than any top loading machine.

I feel like I can fit much more laundry into the machine than a top loader, but when I over load it, the clothes do not get as clean. One thing I don't like, If I leave the clothes in the machine for more than about 8 hours, they can sometimes smell a bit sour.

Possibly could be telling me I need to be better about doing laundry! I like having the pull out cups for the detergent, I now use liquid softener because I can just pour it in.

I find that if I leave the door shut between washes it can smell a little musty, so I try to let the inside dry out between washes by leaving the door open slightly.

Overall I am very happy with this machine and would reccomend it to others.

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