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LG WT5101HW High Efficiency Top Loader Washing Machine, IEC 5.2 Cu.Ft

Wave Series White Ultra Large Capacity, ColdWash Option, Energy Star

Wave Series White Ultra Large Capacity, ColdWash Option, Energy Star

The WT5101HW is a top load washing machine from LG. This unit has many good features for a top loader. One of these is the ColdWash option to help lift dirt from the fabric and provide thorough cleaning results. Aside from this, the unit has an ultra large capacity to accommodate large loads at one go.

Interior Features
  • This top loader washing machine has many options to customize each wash. These include the ColdWash Option. This system uses cold water and improves the washing motion of the water in order for it to penetrate deep into the fabric.
  • The unit also has a SmartRinse Jet Spray System. This system allows better rinsing performance. At the same time, it allows the efficient use of water.
  • There is also the WaveForce Technology. This system provides rapid drum movement and powerful water jets that ensure excellent washing and rinsing results. This system takes good care of the fabric of your clothes.
  • Another good feature of this top-loader washing machine is its EasyDispense technology, which allows you to pour in your detergent, bleach, and fabric conditioner at once, releasing them in the appropriate time.
  • The unit has a large capacity. This allows you to wash many laundry items with just a few loading. This can help you save on time and energy.
  • The washing machine also uses Direct Drive Motor. This type of motor works efficiently, using few moving parts. The tub of the unit is stainless steel. This makes it durable and rust-free.
    Exterior Features

  • It comes in a plain white color. It has a simple but useful design.
  • It is designed with easy to use knobs and controls to set the perfect setting for each wash. The LED display is also
    easy to understand and very convenient.

    Dimension Specifications

    Width: 27 inches
    Height: 45 3/8 inches
    Depth: 28 3/8 inches
    Capacity: IEC 5.2 cu.ft.


  • One great thing about this washing machine is that it is Energy Star-compliant. This means that it can help you save on electricity and money with reduced electricity bills.
  • This washing machine has many features that make it an efficient appliance to have in your laundry room. The machine's ColdWash option improves the motion of water so that the water and the bleach can penetrate through the fabric for lifting stains and dirt.
  • The unit also has many features that ensure the thorough cleaning and rinsing of the clothes that you loaded in it. It actually uses state of the art technology to deliver an excellent cleaning performance.
  • Although it ensures the thorough cleaning of the laundry, it works gently on clothes to preserve delicate materials.
  • The EasyDispense technology makes adding bleach and fabric conditioner more convenient and efficient.
  • The stainless steel tub of the washing machine makes it durable. Aside from that, its motor is also designed to last long. The motor comes with a one-year warranty.
  • The unit has a LED display, which is really easy to understand and use.


  • One drawback to this washing machine is its plain design. This washing machine is not really elegant to look at. It has a limited color and design option.
  • This washing machine is quite large, making it a bulky appliance to install in a small laundry area.


  • has a ColdWash option
  • thorough cleaning of clothes
  • durable
  • has a stainless steel tub
  • gentle on delicate clothing and fabric types


  • limited color and design options
  • bulky

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