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LG WM3875HWCA Front Loader Steam Washer 4.8 cu. ft.

Along with the WM3875HWCA, this model is LG's offering to those who need a lot of laundry done efficiently, conveniently, and in the shortest time possible. Coming in a Sleek White finish, this washing machine offers more than just pretty looks.

Key features

- Cold Wash option: this allows cold water to deeply penetrate garments, getting them just as clean as a warm water cycle would. You cut down energy costs and reduce damage to fabric without compromising the cleanliness of your laundry.
- 6 Motion Technology: fabric wear and tear is minimized even as dirt and stains are thoroughly eliminated. This washing machine uses six unique wash motions that allow it to work on even the most heavily soiled clothes without damaging them.
- Allergiene Cycle: this utilizes True Steam technology to increase cleaning capability while removing more than 95% of frequently encountered household allergens.
- Wash/Rinse optimizer and Stain Care options: these further boost your machine's performance when it comes to dealing with dirty laundry.
- 14 Automatic Cycles: in addition to the Allergiene cycle, this washer also comes with Steam Fresh, Bright White Sanitary, Bulky/Large, Heavy Duty, Cotton/Normal, Permanent Press, Delicates, Towels, Rinse+Spin, Hand Wash/Wool, Speed Wash, and Tub Clean+ cycles.
- Multiple Wash/Rinse temperatures and spin speeds: the wide variety of options allow you to customise your cycle for whatever laundry needs you may have.
- Automatic dispenser for prewash, detergent, bleach, and fabric softener adds the right product at the right time.
- True Balance Anti Vibration System and LoDecibel
Quiet Operation: these features reduce vibration and noise, allowing you to run your laundry in peace and quiet.
- Custom Program: your most frequently used settings are automatically saved.
- Fresh Care Delay Wash: you can delay the start of any wash cycle for up to 19 hours, allowing you to do your laundry at your convenience while giving you time for other activities.
- Speed Wash: for regular loads, you can do your laundry in as fast as 15 minutes.
- Sense Clean system: the machine determines the optimum water level and wash time based on the weight and size of your load. This reduces your water consumption and ensures the best cleaning performance.
- Energy Star compliant: this washing machine meets the current energy efficiency standards, reducing energy consumption and cutting down on your costs.
- LCD display with Dial-A-Cycle and electronic control panel: for ease of operation.


Busy, large households will surely find this washing machine advantageous. The large capacity and convenience features save time and effort, while the multiple wash options allow it to handle any kind of laundry situation. Reduced water consumption and energy efficiency make this washer a great option for both your budget and the environment.


However, the average retail price makes this washing machine a very pricey option.

Consumer likes and dislikes


- Cleaning performance and gentle handling of fabrics
- Reduced energy and water consumption


- Price: this was enough to make some consumers consider another model instead, despite this washer's great features

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Comments for LG WM3875HWCA Front Loader Steam Washer 4.8 cu. ft.

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Jul 03, 2012
washer tub light is A GOOD THING
by: Anonymous

Love this machine. And regarding the comments on the light...4 minutes on the dryer should be more than enough time to get clothes out. There is a reason the washer tub is not automatically lit when the door opens. You are supposed to leave the door open after using the machine so that the interior (especially the rubber gasket) dries, preventing the development of mold. Our former washer, a Maytag Neptune always had the light on when we left the door open. If someone closed the door to turn the light off, mold started appearing on the gasket...and if the door was left open per instructions, we had to replace the bulb constantly!

Oct 01, 2011
@ guy with the light issue
by: Anonymous

There is a button option for turning on the drum light. Read your user manual, or just read the fine print on the option buttons.

Jul 28, 2011
WE have this baby for 4 months
by: ardo

Hi guys
We purchased the combo (washer and dryer). This is our first front loader machine. We paid 2500$cdn including the underneath stands with an amazing drawer. LG quality is very good. The only complain I can make is with the 1300 rpm spin cycle, I can not see how this machine will survive years of service. We strictly follow the LG manual on how to use the machine, and we are very please to say, with "Tide with bleach" as recommended by "Consumersreports.org" the laundry is always very clean, as others mentionned it is also very gentle on the clothes. I paid with an American Express (Costco) credit card, adding an extra year of full warranty. My first choise was to buy the Miele kit (4800$) with ten years warrranty, but my son had very poor service from Miele on his dishwasher, taking over 2 weeks to get service (300$) and three months later the same problems again. He scrapped it (1850$) and bought a Bosch instead. His Miele laundry kit is over five years old and never any problems.

Mar 28, 2011
@the guy about the light
by: Anonymous

u r a complete moron!! is this really a reason to give it a 1 star rating?!?! because it lacks a light?
u damn fool...we dont care about the lack of a light, we care about how the machine washes clothes. reliability of the machine.
Maybe you can take one star off the rating because of the light feature. 2 stars tops!!
and the entire rant of u bitchin' about the machine, u did not mention how the machine worked, how it functioned, how it cleaned ur clothes, nothing.
the most worthless and pathetic review i have ever read.
p.s: I kno this is not a review on the machine, it is a review on the this fool's review.

Jan 21, 2011
lights guy
by: Anonymous

to the person writing about the lights...why do you have to hate on lg for lights?! why do you need a light on to get your clothes out of the dryer? are you fumbling aroung your laundry room in the dark? its not bad engineering, your just too picky.

Oct 10, 2010
No light
by: JDM - Bristol, IN

Note to LG: Your energy effecient washer and dryer WM3875HWCA casues me to have to turn on the light in order to get the clothes out. Counterproductive to the energy savings that the unit prides itself on.
I have never owned a front load washer or dryer that did not have a fuctional drum light. Yes, this LG set does have drum lights, but you have to power them on and THEN fumble around to hit the right button. The dryer light stays on for 4 minutes and the you will have to power it back on and find the light button. There is a bunch of buttons on these items. It's a big pain. If I would have know this, I would not have purchsed them. The better half of 3,000.00 spent, and I have to turn on lights to get the clothes out.
Insanely poor engineering.
This is very simple:
That's how it is supposed to work. Try having someone actually use your products before you put them to market.

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