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LG WM3001HWA 27in Front-Load Steam Washer 4.5 cu ft

The WM3001HWA is an ultra capacity washer which features the Allergiene steam cycle that removes 95% of the allergens in the fabrics, among a number of practical and useful features. Read on to know more about this model.

Key Features

- True Steam Feature uses high pressured steam penetrates deep into the fabrics and reduces wrinkles to lessen the need for ironing. The steam also effectively removes odors.
- Wash Rinse Optimizer determines the level of water hardness and detergent amount and adjusts the cycle according these levels.
- 9 washing Cycle Programs makes washing different fabrics safe and easy.
- Ultra Capacity makes washing a large load easy to do making it perfect for a large home. No more need to load and unload small bundles of laundry when it comes
- Anti Vibration System keeps the machine quiet when it’s running so you can put this machine almost anywhere, even on the second floor. Vibration is minimal so you can put this even where you have wooden floors and still get minimal noise. This added with the loDecible quiet feature makes for a perfectly quiet operation of the machine.
- Trilingual LCD display displays information in English, French and Spanish and regularly updates you the status of the cycle thorough the large LCD display.
- Front loading, stackable design style makes loading easy and you can save space in the laundry room when you stack the dryer over the washer.
- NEverRust Stainless steel Drum eliminates the risk of rusting and chipping which can
damage fabrics.
- EasyLoading Til Tub makes reaching into the drum easy. The tub tilts so you do not have to reach all the way into the drum to get the load.
- Child Lock system makes using the washer safe even if you have children in the room. The system prevents kids from playing with the buttons or opening the doors which could lead to injuries.


The large capacity makes this a perfect machine for large and regular-sized families. Despite the large capacity you save on energy because the unit comes with an energy-saving seal. The stackable feature allows you to store the washer anywhere even in small laundry rooms without any problem.

Some users also like the transparent door glass because this makes looking at the inside of the unit easy to do. Finally, the child lock system is very useful for those who use the unit in rooms where children can get to.


Some complain that this is a higher end washer with average features. The white finish easily rusts and makes water stains more visible. White finishes also tend to become yellow as time goes by.

Consumer Likes and dislikes


- Large capacity makes washing large loads easy
- Energy-saving feature allows you to save on power bills
- Stackable feature allows you to store the unit in small laundry rooms
- The unit has a transparent door which makes looking at the fabric more convenient


- Rust and water stains are more visible in units with white finish

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