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LG WM3001HRA front load washer

The LG WM3001HRA washing machine is a good example of why LG is one of the leading brands. It offers a wide variety of options and features that makes it a great addition to any home.

So anyone who is looking to get a new washing machine should consider getting this innovative and eye-catching model from LG.

Key Features

- Ultra Capacity 4.5 cu. feet makes this unit perfect for moderate loads so you can avoid loading in multiple loads of laundry during the day. The wide door makes loading and unloading a breeze.
- TruSteam technology penetrates deep into the fabric to eliminate dirt and odors, and knocks out the wrinkles. It also uses less water so you can save on energy bills.
- Wash/Rinse optimizer determines the hardness of the water as well as the detergent levels and adjusts the wash cycle for you.
- The Allergiene cycle uses steam to remove up to 95% of allergens such as pollen, dust mites and dander.
- The TruBalance Anti Vibration system makes washing clothes conveniently stress free without the noise and vibrations you usually get with other units.
- The STeamFresh cycle lets you freshen up clothes in a hurry. This is good for clothes that you have kept in the closet for a long time. It removes the stale smell and removes wrinkles along the way.
- Front Loading stackable style of the unit makes it easy to load and unload laundry. You can also save on laundry room space with the stackable style of the machine, allowing you to put the washer on top of the dryer. The adjustable legs allows you to adjust the height of the machine so you
won’t have trouble bending over too much when loading and unloading.
- LoDecibel Quiet Operation means that the machine works quietly in the background.
- LCD display makes looking at the controls very convenient. The dial controls also makes setting the programs easy to do.
- The designer red finish is fun and is perfect for brightening up any laundry room with a burst of color.
- Tilt Tub feature allows you to reach into the tub with ease.
- Tub light makes looking into the tub easy if you want to reach for something in the load. No more feeling in the dark with the tub light illuminating the contents of the drum.
- Stainless steel drum interior reduces the risk of rusting and chipping paint that could damage the clothes.
- Child Lock system prevents small kids from opening the door of the unit when it is on or changing the settings of the machine.


The unit is very efficient and comes with a number of intuitive features, such as the anti vibration and low noise features, Tilt Tub and tub lights. Most users face problems with reaching into the tub and looking inside for specific articles of clothing which is solved by the features mentioned above. The plastic control panel is also easy to handle even when wet.


In some units, a little bit of noise tends to develop after several months of use.

Consumer Likes and Dislikes


- Intuitive and easy to use features that makes washing convenient
- The child lock feature is very practical and prevents kids from changing the settings of the machine


- Tends to develop noise after several months of use

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Comments for LG WM3001HRA front load washer

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Nov 11, 2010
Trashes clothes, forms mold, high upkeep
by: Anonymous

I have owned my WM3001R for 2 years. After the first year using powder detergent mold started to form between the drums which is impossible to clean. Our clothes and towels smelled like mold. Our toddler has eczema and I have mold allergies. So this is not acceptable. Tub cleanse cycle doesn't help. Bleach, Whirlout, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, vinegar added to washes doesn't help. I called LG and was told to fax in huge amounts of information within 24 hours including my original sales receipt. They claim to have never received it though we have proof they did. Regardless I had to email a photo of my receipt to LG after which I was told I would be contacted by extended warranty department for a one time service call. I never was contacted again by LG. This is a serious design flaw in the rubber door gasket that collects water between the drums. The mold is still there and I try diligently to wipe down every part of the washer I can reach but to no avail. Such an expensive machine with very high upkeep. The washer still trashes our clothes on the gentlest setting

Nov 19, 2009
bad product
by: Anonymous

I purchased the LG steam washer 2.5 years ago. I have had to have it serviced 7 times. I purchased the extended warranty and they will send a small check as it is now considered lemon. The repair company told me it is not an uncommon problem to have sensor issues which cause the machine to act as if there is a motor overload.

The company itself suffers with and inability to have social skills with assisting the consumer.What ever happened to serving the customer with ethics?

Oct 21, 2009
poor customer servcie
by: Henry

I purhcased an LG Steam Washer and Driyer less than 3 weeks ago. So far they are working fine. While learning how to use some of the controls, I found that 1 accessory was missing - the liquid detergent tray. I went back to Home Depot and found that they were going to charge me for the part. I called LG and they say the same thing......

My perspective is that I spent almost $3K and they can't send me a tray that probably costs 75 cents to make. I was given a number to Home Depot Parts and also call LG. LG was no help; they gave me info to their distributor (they're not 24x7 shop). The distributor have a website but I don't have a part number to perform a search and their site is not user friendly.

The product seem to be very good but the Corporate policies and customer service need a lot to be desired. No one told me that the part is missing and I have no idea that the part exists as part of the washer.

Typical of why the economy is they way it is. They shouldn't even call it customer service. There is none.

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