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LG WM3001HPA 27in Front-Load Steam Washer 4.5 cu ft

The WM3001HPA is a front loading steam washer that comes with a number of useful features among them the Allergiene cycle and the TruSteam generator. Other useful features are found below.

Key Features

- The Wash Rinse optimizer measures the level of water hardness and the amount of detergent present to determine the length of the washing cycle that is best for the load.
- TruSteam technology uses high pressure steam to remove dirt and penetrate deep into the fabric to remove pesky odors. The steam also produce loads with less wrinkles so there is less need for pressing, allowing you to save on power costs.
- Child lock system protects children from opening the door of the machine when it is on.
- Trilingual LCD display allows you to read the settings and programs in English, French and Spanish. The LCD display is also where you look for updates on the washing cycle status.
- Ultra capacity of 4.5 cu. feet allows you to wash larger loads.
- Stackable feature allows you to save on space by putting the washer on top of the dryer.
- The LoDecibel feature is responsible for making the machine run as quietly as it can.
- Delay Wash feature allows you to set the time you want the unit to start running so you can wash when it is most convenient for you.
- Nine washing programs allows you to choose the best program for the fabrics in the load. The unit can easily wash loads of any types
from bulky towels and comforters to regular cotton shirts as well as delicates such as lingerie.
- Tilt Tub feature makes reaching into the tub easy.
- End of cycle beeper lets you know if the cycle is done. This eliminates the need to continuously check up on the laundry from time to time.
- Tub light illuminates the inner space of the tub so that you can see what is inside.


The Allergiene cycle is perfect for households where members are allergic to pollen and dander. The cycle effectively removes 95% of allergens like pollen, dust mites and dander from clothes with the high pressure steam. The steam also removes odors by penetrating deep into the fabric. The features of the machine also effectively reduces wrinkles in clothes and uses less water than other machines, allowing you to save more on water and power bills.


The limited color choice is one drawback. The lack of the TruBalance feature is also another negative. This feature effectively reduces the amount of noise and vibration from units that have this feature. Users complain of louder vibrations with this model because of the absence of this feature.

Consumer Likes and Dislikes


- The Tilt Tub feature is a major plus for those with back problems and cannot reach into the tub.
- The tub light also makes loading more convenient apart from the large door opening which allows you to put in large loads at a time.


- Only one color option
- No TruBalance technology

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