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LG WM2801HRA 27in Ultra capacity steam load Washer 4.5 cu. ft.

The WM2801HRA is a front-load steam washer that comes in a wild cherry red color and intuitive controls. It comes with the Energy Star seal and a number of features that makes it the suitable choice for a mid-sized family.

Key Features

- The NeverRust Stainless Steel Drum does away with the risk of rust and chips in the interior of the drum which can lead to snags and discolorations in the fabric.
- Direct Drive motor connects directly to the barrel for lower vibration and noise.
- Allergiene cycle is perfect for those who need extra-clean sheets with no traces of allergens such as dust mites, dander and pollen.
- The Steal Clean cycle penetrates the fabric to remove odors and eliminate bacteria.
- TruBalance Anti Vibration system makes storing the unit on second floor laundry rooms possible. With lower vibration levels and lower noise levels you can place the unit anywhere and it won’t cause any disruptions.
- Steam Wash system cleans the load effectively and conserves energy and power at the same time.
- SenseClean system for intelligent fabric care determines what kind of fabric is in the load and adjusts the washer settings accordingly.
- Delay Wash feature allows you to set washing time up to 19 hours in advance.
- Upfront panel LED display and a Dial-A-Cycle for visualization of settings and controls.
- White LED tub light allows you to look inside the drum.
- Stackable feature allows you to store the unit even in small laundry rooms.
The optional matching drawer pedestal allows you to adjust the height of the washer a according to what’s comfortable for you.
- LoDecibel quiet operation significantly reduces the noise and vibration levels in the unit.


It unit comes with a number of useful and intuitive features that makes washing easy and convenient. The steam fresh cycles and the allergiene cycles are perfect for those who have babies in the house.

Clean laundry with the smallest traces of allergens and bacteria are possible with the customizable washing cycles. There is also a lower risk of burning or shrinking clothes with the variable temperature options.


One of the main disadvantages is the lack of a self cleaning lint filter and the lack of a reversible door. Some units are also very noisy and tend to take longer washing cycles. For its capacity the unit is bulky and some users do not always like the bright red color of the unit.

Consumer Likes and Dislikes


- Lots of usable and practical features
- The unit is stackable and can save up on space
- Variable temperature options makes washing safer for different kinds of fabrics, from towels to delicate lingerie
- The drum light is a very practical feature that allows you to check what’s inside the drum with ease


- No self cleaning filter which increases the incidence of clogged vents
- There is no reversible door
- Some cycles last longer compared to that of other brands
- Bulky design for its capacity

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