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LG WM2801HLA 27in Steam Washer - 4.5 cu. ft.

The WM2801HLA is an ultra-capacity steam washer with an LED control panel in a fun blue finish. The unit comes loaded with practical and useful features such as a wash cycle to remove allergens and electronic controls.

Key Features

- Steam wash option makes superior cleaning possible with steam that penetrates deep into the fabric to remove odors.
- TruBalance AntiVibration technology reduces the intensity of vibrations and noise so you can turn the unit on and enjoy peaceful laundry time.
- The Allergiene cycle which is exclusive to LG reduces the number of allergens in the fabric.
- The NeverRust steel drum will not rust or chip and discolor the fabrics.
- The 9 wash cycles allow you to choose among the best wash cycle for the fabric to avoid shrinking or damaging your clothes.
- The extra wide door, widened 15% more, makes loading and unloading larger loads easy and convenient.
- The large capacity of the drum lowers the number of washes you need to do to get the laundry done.
- Sense Clean system determines what kind of fabrics are in the load and adjusts the washing settings accordingly for safer washing.
- Sanitary cycle with added steam option gives you clean fabrics with the least amount of bacteria, perfect for babies’ clothes.


The large capacity of this unit makes it a favorite of most users. It is suitable for a mid-sized to a large family and the unit works quietly for something its size. The size allows users to wash large fabrics like comforters at home, although washing cycles for fabrics
like this will take longer. The problem with the strange odor coming from the drum can be remedied by air-drying the interior by opening the door, rinsing the filter and wiping the gasket down.

The unit also has none of the bleeping alarms found in other units and instead lets you now that a cycle is done with a quirky little tune. Those who do not like to listen to the audible alarm can turn it off at anytime. Another avantage is the water economy in this unit. It uses about 1/3 of the water as other washers.


One of the main drawbacks to the WM2801HLA is the long washing cycle. Compared to other brands it takes longer to finish a cycle especially if the load comes with thicker fabrics. Some people report that the drum starts to smell after a few uses. The detergent tray also gets full of water fast you so have to empty the tray from time to time.

Consumer Likes and Dislikes


- Large capacity allows users to wash large pieces of linen such as comforters and blankets
- The large opening also makes loading and unloading a breeze
- Some users complain of a strange odor in the drum that can be remedied by wiping down the gasket and air drying the drum
- Works quietly and the special features like the steam cleaning feature and the anti-allergy feature all help in removing bacteria and allergens from the load
- Very economic use of water


- Long washing cycle
- Detergent tray fills up with water fast

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Comments for LG WM2801HLA 27in Steam Washer - 4.5 cu. ft.

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Apr 11, 2012
noise and vibratuions
by: nelson lussier

Bought art Sears with a protection/repairs contract and after 3 visits the noise is permanent and the washing machine is on a tile floor ans level. the rotating drum is balancing a lot when turning at high speed and making a continuous ratatata noise when spinning so the sentense "TruBalance AntiVibration technologie reduces the intensity of vibrations and noise so you can turn the unit on and enjoy "peaceful laundry time"­...as per -KEY FEATURES explanations would be a little erroneous for this portion of laundry quieteness

Bought may the 8th 2010 for the use of 2 retired adults

Mar 26, 2012
Washing Machine Nightmare!
by: Texas

I would not recommend this washer to my worst enemy! The cycles are way too longggg! This is a huge inconvenience. Your clothes must wash for 1:30 or 2:00 hours to get them clean! The short cycle does not clean at all! My white towels are sometimes still dingy after putting them through the longest cycle even after adding the most expensive HE bleaches & detergents to the cycles. I've tried switching to different cycles to see which ones work best. They are all very poor since I am used to having my clothes & linens very clean! If you put a comforter in the Bulky cycle like you should be able to, it cleans extremely poorly. Maybe because of the fact it uses less water than a regular washer is why your laundry doesn't come clean. I read all the rave reviews on this washer & I strongly disagree with them all! It makes me wonder if Home Depot sold me a defective LG Steam Washer. I'm contacting the manufacturer! Until then, I am using my old faithful top load I had before. I 'm very disappointed with this expensive piece of junk! I would rate it no star if it was an option!

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