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LG WM2701HV Graphite Steel Front Load Washer 4.5 Cu Ft

The WM2701HV is a stylish washer in classic grey that comes with a number of useful features which include wash motion technology and three cu stom cycles. It comes in a stylish metallic finish that make it a favorite of those who prefer ultra-modern designs in appliances.

Key Features

- Wash motion technology makes washing easy.
- The automatic calculation of washing time calculates the time it will take to finish washing one load.
- Sleek graphite steel design gives this unit an ultra-modern look.
- 12 wash cycles makes washing all sorts of fabric safe.
- Child lock prevents children from operating and opening the washer.
- Stainless steel tub keeps rust and chipping paint at bay.
- TilTub feature makes reaching inside the drum easy.
- The SenseClean system determines what kind of fabrics are present and adjusts the settings accordingly. This helps avoid shrinking sweaters and damaging delicate fabrics.
- Five temperature levels allow you to choose the best temperature for your load to avoid damaging delicate fabrics and to speed up the cycle when washing thicker fabrics.
- Sanitary cycle cleans laundry and eliminates a large amount of bacteria for clean and sanitary fabrics.
- Powerful Direct Drive Motor for full power and reliability in a unit that can last up to 10 years.
- Delay Wash feature that can be programmed for up to 19 hours can help you set the time you want the unit to start.
- The unit is stackable with the matching dryer to conserve on laundry room space.
- LoDecibel Quiet operation feature reduces the
noise significantly.


One of the main advantages with this washer is that it barely makes a noise when it is on. The washer also can accommodate large loads, making it the perfect washer for large homes. The large capacity significantly reduces the need to wash several loads and leaves laundry without any soapy residue.

The unit also comes with a number of useful settings for virtually every type of fabric so you avoid damaging fabrics. Some users like the buzzer feature which informs you when the load is done. The wash-rinse optimizer is another good option that is responsible for producing clean laundry. The large capacity of the washer makes it possible to lessen the number of loads each time laundry is done.


One of the few complaints some users have of this unit is that it cannot handle full loads of thicker fabrics such as rugs and bedspreads. The washer cannot handle the spin cycle and often informs the user that there is uneven load. To make sure that the washer works well, you have to distribute the load evenly inside the drum.

Consumer Likes and Dislikes


- Very quiet, minimal vibration
- Can accommodate large loads perfect for large families
- Cleans well, comes out with less wrinkled clothes
- Does not take up a lot of space because it can be stacked with the matching dryer
- The tilt feature makes reaching inside the drum more convenient


- Has difficulty handling thicker fabrics because the washer cannot handle the spin cycle
- Cycling time takes longer than other brands.

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