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LG WM2688HWMA Washer

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Product Overview

The LG WM2688HWMA is a front-loading washer with an added steam-cleaning feature that has bowled over the majority of buyers. It has a capacity of 4 cu/ ft, with 9 different wash presets, ranging from soaking, wool, hand wash, delicates, and permanent press, not to mention a quick wash setting. The spin cycle goes from 400 - 1320 rpm, and amazingly has 5 speeds! There are also 5 levels of temperature settings, so you?ll never ruin your clothes with only two or three temperature settings.

This machine boasts not only dial controls, but also digital display, and has that wonderful delayed start timer so that you can run the machine in the cooler temperatures such as nighttime and such. The drum is stainless steel and not the cheaper porcelain ones found on the lower end machines. It has RollerJets as well as a forced water circulation system. Besides all of these wonderful factors, it has a completely built-in steam system that will allow you to sanitize your clothes.

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• Auto adjusting water levels

• 19 hour wash delay

• Steam fresh feature to remove clothes wrinkles

• Steam feature great for removing stains

• Stylish looks

• Easy to operate

• large capacity (4.0 cu / ft)

• pricey

•reports of mould produced around door if left closed

• steam fresh feature can leave clothes damp

• some cycles take long time

• Some people reported vibration on spin cycle


Many are impressed by the washers
ability to automatically adjust its water levels depending on the size of the load.

The extra long time selection given for wash delay is startling, as it can be preset for up to 19 hours ahead of time!

Mothers were of course impressed with the steam capacity for sanitizing the baby’s clothes, and they also pointed out the fact that the manufacturer/designer was thoughtful enough to add a child lock on the machine.

The control panel’s has a trilingual ability with the choices of English, French, and Spanish translations!


Some of the cons mentioned in regards to this product are that the door must be kept open after use since it is so well sealed that it will produce mold if closed.

The door is not interchangeable for left or right openings. Others noted problems with the “steam fresh” cycle that can be used to remove wrinkles from clean clothes prior to wearing; they said that the clothes came out too damp for wearing. The unit is also quite pricey.

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Final Thought

All in all my final thoughts are that this is a fantastic machine that anyone would be proud to own.

It comes in designer colors not just white, and the features are all useful and not placed for simply for show--they are actually features that most users have desired. The solid construction of the machine should keep this washer going through endless cycles of clothes cleaning.

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