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LG WM2301HW Front Load Washer 4.2 cu ft

by Ray
(Fullerton, CA)

Well I just got my new LG Washing machine installed and I noticed water under it when the installer asked me for a towel to dry it up. I didn't think anything of it until I started washing some loads and the water kept coming out from underneath the washer. I checked the manual and it said that if you see water underneath that you should check the water hose lines at the faucets and the connections of the washing machine. It said also to check drain pipe and if you still see water to call a plummer. I observed the washing machine and no leaks were coming from the water hoses and/or the drain. It was strictly coming from underneath the machine.

Well I called the 800 number and the service rep went through a series of questions like "Are you using "HE" liquid soap, softner, etc. and are you filling them to the proper levels? My answers were yes. Then he said we are going to send out a professional repairman and have all of your documents ready for the serviceman even though he seem to have all of the info in front of him when he got my telephone number. Also his demeanor did not give me the full confidence that a real professional repairman was coming out to my place. However that remains to be seen.

I'm getting mixed feelings about this machine because I have to dry out inside of the door and the rubber gasket around the opening because they said it will smell if you don't. In my other washing machine I didn't have to worry about that. There is some maintenance that you have to do daily and weekly or the machine will not work properly. I didn't have to worry about that with the older washer. The LG is a touchy machine. I think you need the extended warranty because there is so much that can go wrong. I think I got a forewarning from the salesman to get the extended warranty because I think you'll need it.

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