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LG WM2301HR red front-load washer 4.2 cu. ft.

The WM2301HR is a standout washing machine in terms of its large capacity (4.2 cubic feet), vibrant color options (White, Titanium, and Wild Cherry Red), and numerous features.

Key features

- Sense Clean system: water level and wash times are determined automatically, based on the size and weight of the load. This takes the guesswork out of laundry, while ensuring that the most efficient settings are used. Water consumption is kept at a minimum, and optimum cleaning performance is assured.
- Nine automatic wash programs: sanitary, bulky/large, cotton/normal, permanent press, delicates, hand wash/wool, baby wear, speed wash, and others allow this machine to launder any type of fabric with ease.
- Ten wash options: prewash, water plus, stain cycle, rinse & spin, extra spin, and others allow for you to meet any laundry need. It also boasts a tub clean feature, automatically cleaning out the interior of your machine and saving you time and effort.
- Five adjustable soil levels: you need no longer worry about tough stains and heavily soiled clothes. Get thoroughly clean laundry without rubbing, damaging, and wearing down fabric.
- Adjustable wash temperatures: you can select from cold/cold, warm/cold, warm/warm, hot/cold, and extra hot/cold.
- Delay Wash feature: the start of wash cycles can be delayed for up to 19 hours, allowing you to choose the most convenient time for you to do your laundry while freeing you up to do other tasks.
- Automatic 4-tray dispenser: prewash, detergent, bleach, and fabric softener are automatically added during the right time for each cycle, without
you having to worry about it.
- Automatic dispenser for prewash, detergent, bleach, and fabric softener: this ensures that the appropriate product is automatically added to the wash cycle at the right time, eliminating the need for you to supervise your laundry. With these and the other previously mentioned features, you can just load your laundry, tap in your settings, and let the washing machine do the rest.
- True Balance Anti Vibration System and LoDecibel Quiet Operation: these features reduce vibration and noise, allowing you to run your laundry in peace and quiet.
- Electronic control panel with Dial-A-Cycle: simple to use controls make laundry a snap. Child lock feature ensures that youngsters won’t accidentally start the machine.
- Energy star qualified: this guarantees that your machine is one of the most energy efficient on the market, with greatly reduced energy consumption.


LG washing machines are consistently top rated by a majority of consumers, and this one is no exception. With great cleaning performance, extreme energy efficiency, and very low water consumption, this washer meets all the needs of any busy household while being good for the budget and environment. The average retail price is reasonable considering its capacity and features.


However, its large and bulky dimensions make it unsuitable for smaller households with limited space.

Consumer likes and dislikes


- Cleaning performance
- Large capacity
- Energy efficiency
- Low water consumption
- Ease of use
- Value for money


- Size of the machine
- Difficulty in keeping the machine level

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Comments for LG WM2301HR red front-load washer 4.2 cu. ft.

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Apr 21, 2013
Front vs. Top loaders
by: Char

After having a front loader for one month, I was miserable as there was necessity to rewash almost every time. Fortunately, I was able to trade it back to the store for same, but top loader.
There is not enough $$ out there to force myself to again
purchase a front loader. And since when is it chique to
decorate a laundry room with such an available palette
of colors? I don't entertain in my laundry room and would hope the color scheme of that room is not determined by the appliance color. If it brings happiness to the to the owner to hang out in the "colorful" room? Wow. Enjoy.....but go for a 'topper' rather than a 'fronter!' Personally, I try to spend as little time as possible in the hallowed laundry room. ;-)
Maybe aqua, avocado, and coppertone will soon be returning.

Apr 29, 2012
TO: anonymous (idiot)
by: stlricky

Okay joker, perhaps your 1956 rebuilt what ever is a wonderful machine, so way my 1959 Philco! But times change and so do features. And we pay for this stuff dearly. Additionally, I did a boat load of research prior to dropping my hard earned cash on this CRAP!
The bottom line is that I should not have to rewash one sheet 3 times to get lucky enough to have it come out without black marks somewhere on it. Kind of defeats the energy efficiency now doesn't it? BTW junior, I read the manual from cover to cover. I drain the tub as suggested, run the tub clean cycle, don't overfill and don't slam the door. As a matter of fact, I leave the door open when not in use and it is less than two feet from a HVAC vent and it STILL stains my stuff. So Mr. Answer man, what's the solution to the problem we are ALL experiencing?

Sep 07, 2011
idiots in our midst
by: Anonymous

99% of front loading/horizontal axis washing machine breakage is due to the stupid ass holes who buy them to "keep up with the Jones's."When they bring them home or have them delivered,they fail to read the use and care books as well as throw them away.They assume these units are like the ones in their local coin laundries and pack them full,use the wrong amount of the wrong detergent,use way too much bleach and fabric softener and refuse to check the pockets of slacks,jeans,dresses and shirts.They also fail to leave the washer doors ajar or open to air the machine out and keep any mold or mildew from forming and leaving a bad aroma.The folks who get the brands that have a "button catcher" which helps keep foreign objects from damaging or blocking water flow from the pump are either too lazy or just don't give a rat's ass to go and clean it out once a month.They slam the door breaking the door lock causing them not to spin out the water because the spin mode will not engage when the door lock isn't working.

I have owned front loading washers all my life. In fact, the 1956 Westinghouse set I got individually one from a thrift store another from an owner who read about me in People Magazine (March,1989 anniversary issue collectors pages)are still in use. I overhauled them in 1984 replacing everything I couldn't rebuild including the lettering on the timer and water level dials,the xylaphone in the dryer which played "How Dry I am" when it was finished,needed a tune up and major cleaning. I stripped and repainted/refinished the white and the chrome trim.I also have a 1964 Kenmorer all in one front loading washer dryer combination we bought new at Sears and had installed November 22,1963. The day JFK was assassinated.so, I have a real hard time swallowing these stories the wining consumers have about their "horrible front loaders".The Maytag Neptune folks are not included in that. Those were definately a piece of garbage.

Sep 06, 2011
by: Mr.Appliance

I have been collecting washers since i was 8 years old. Almost 50 years ago.I have owned,operated and repaired them. Since I have an analistic personality,I came to the conclusion many years ago that front loading washers did a much better job getting clothes thoroughly cleaned,rinsed and spun out better than any of the top loaders ever did or ever will.No beating,pounding or pulling. They use two methods

Because the tub is on a horizontal axis,the clothes have to fall as it tumbles them in soapy wash or clear rinse water.This gets them thoroughly drenched and makes it so there is no need for a full tub of water to allow clothes to be pounded,twisted,beaten and pulled in.


As the clothes tumble,they crisscross each other and the friction between them washes them like we wash our own hands. Mildly but thoroughly.Because you need only enough water to saturate the fabrics, You save on water and the power it takes to heat it.There are numerous items that wash much easier and get cleaner in the front loaders than any top loader.Sleeping bags,tents,king size down comforters,tennis or running shoes, pillows (foam rubber or feather),and stuffed toy animals.I dare anyone to even attempt to wash a feather pillow in a top loading/agitator washer. You'll be so pissed off cl;eaning up all the feathers in your washer,sink,drain pipe...etc.

Feb 11, 2011
by: Disgusted in Desert Hills

Ok where do I begin: My husband bought LG appliances (washer, dryer and refrigerator) when we moved into our gorgeous AZ home in May 2010. It is now February 2011 and we have been experiencing problems with the washer and currently we are going 3 weeks without its use and this is beyond ridiculous!! The problem began at the end of January when we went to do a load of laundry and an "LE" code appeared on the washer--so we troubleshooted with the manual and were unsuccessful and then we called service and they were unsuccessful, so they dispatched a service center to have a technician come out to look at the unit. So, they have an initial visit and they think it's the stator; now the second visit, the technician supposedly puts in a new stator and leaves -- and the code still comes up; now a third visit is generated and the tech says that the replaced stator was defective and puts in another one---GUESS WHAT??--LE code still came up! So we called LG and they suggested we go with another dealer and also informed us that after 3 repairs if the unit is not fixed then they will replace it! Now we are back to an initial visit with a new service dealer--tech comes out and sees that it needs a stator, a flydrum and a power supply board. So a week and 4 days later the tech shows up with 2 of the 3 parts allegedly ordered stating that the wrong part came in (he was to order a power supply and a digital display for a white washer was received instead!) ; anyway the parts were replaced and the unit is still coding out!! WHAT A SURPRISE!!!! That seems like 3 unsuccessful repairs to me but according to LG the field tech needs to physically be in front of the unit with LG on the phone with them so that they could TS together--and ony THEN will LG deem it unrepairable. This is a joke!! We paid $1000.00 for a piece of crap -- we have been going to a laundromat and have been inconvenienced in such a horrible manner! I want all our LG products out of our home. PLEASE BEWARE OF LG AND THEIR ANTICS!!! Lack of customer service as well as skill.

Jan 25, 2011
had it for a month
by: Anonymous

and with a family of 5 its getting used. I have to say though that WOW its cleaning better than my old top loader did. UNLIKE previous review I'm not finding it taking that long (average wash is 54 minutes) and my stuff is coming out WAY cleaner than it did before.
There was a few things that I did have to change though. One was follow the manual where it says use LESS than what soap manufactures recommend. The more soap in the clothes the more you'll have to rinse them out, and soap residue attracts dirt. The other thing I found is you definitely don't need things like Tide. Mine came with a tide sample and I hated it. I've never had so much static cling, and nothing came clean properly. I went and got basic cheap HE detergent and now everything is coming out great.
I cloth diaper my youngest and diapers that had stains before.. if they were bad, are now light and if they were light before are now gone... and btw diapers, on baby cloth cycle with an extra rinse on extra hot water only took 2h so not unreasonable.
I would buy these again no problem.

Oct 27, 2010
Takes too long and doesn't get stains out
by: Anonymous

My old Kenmore washer and dryer just died. Boy do I miss them. These machines cost a fortune, and just don't get body stains clean. After 6 washes of nearly 3 hours each, the teenage son yellow body grease on bottom sheet won't come out, bleach is just spayed on and doesn't penetrate the fabric so it's a spotty clean.. and blood stains in underwear (girl) or shit streak(boy) in underwear won't come ..out UGH.I used to be able to do a 20 min hotwater with bleach laundry load with enough water to penetrate the fabric and work out the stain with the interior beater middle of the tub rotater..and everyting came out spotless from my Kenmore...this LG just rotates max four times and sits and waits and chews up time, doesn't beat out stains from the weave of the fabric, not enough water to penetrate stains and push it through the fabric weave and out. Each preprogrammed cycle adds so much time if you want extra water enough to see it, extra rinse because there is no water to wash the clothes thoroughly and the soap sticks on the fabric and eventually greys the fabric. The fabric softner is sprayed ont he clothes and the bedsheets so that you get the strong chemical smell directly up your nose at night instead of being thoroughly diluted in enough water and rotated lightly around the fabric's weave and absorbed into fiber's thread. Used to be able to do 4 load of laundry in the evening afterwork, but to wash dirty sheets from sweaty teenagers with dog paw print dirt, which did not come out, took two days.

Please give me back my $300 Kenmores with enough water to properly wash a load and rinse within 20 mins.
I am returning the washing machine and dryer. I am NOT impressed. Plus the comment about pretreating outside of the washing machine..the only solution to this is to soak the sheets and comforter in my bathtub and wring it out by hand and drag it from the bedrooms bathroom upstairs to my mainfloor laundryroom, and then process it through these useless fancylooking only good for light soiled clothes without having to wash for two day and still have stains after spotty application of bleach..is absolutely ridiculous.

Iam NOT SAVING on TIME, ELECTRICITY, nor WATER, since I have to fill a bathtub by hand first, then darg it to the stupid machine that trys to supposedly wash with only dampness.
The dryer is worse. My cotton cycle is so long, whereas my jeans got dry in 12 minutes in my Kenmore..this is thoroughly dry in almost an hour.

RIDICULOUS ...DO NOT BUY HE LG!!! IT is NOT worth the pain and the time.

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