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LG WM2233HW Front Load Washer

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Product Overview

This front loading washing machine has a generous 4 cu ft capacity, and it is Energy Star compliant. It has a range of programs including Sanitary, Delicates, Hand Wash and Speed Wash, and five spin speeds from a high of 1100rpm right down to 400rpm. It’s available in white or emerald green and there is a matching dryer unit.

Front loaders, such as this one, are ideal where space is a premium, as the dryer can be stacked on top. If the low height is a problem it is possible to purchase a matching 13” high drawer pedestal; ideal for storing detergent.
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• Nice looking

• Large loads

• Saves on utility bills

• Quiet

• Many features

• Child lock
• Mildrew smell reported by some customers

• Occational leakage reported

• Issues with rubber seal around door

• Longer wash cycles than top loader

Handles Large loads

The washing machine is very popular with customers. It looks good, particularly in the emerald green; it’s unusual for a washer to be complimented on its appearance. It also does an excellent job of washing clothes. Of course, that is what it is meant to do, but so many washers disappoint their users, particular some of the newer Energy Star compliant models that use a lot less water. It handles large loads well, making it very popular in households with several children.

Money Saving

Many owners of this machine have found that it helps to cut their power and utility bills, which means they are saving money and making a contribution to the environment at the same time. Some people say it
has saved them hundreds of dollars. Unusually for a larger capacity machine with a high spin, the LG is considered as being very quiet by its users, which is another great benefit.

Tons of Features

The wealth of controls can be a little daunting at first, but users soon find they are easy to use and there is a child lock mechanism which prevents children from pressing buttons and changing the programming while it is running. The useful LED display shows settings, time remaining and any status messages.

Problems reported

Unfortunately not everyone has had a good experience with this machine. Some owners complain that it starts to smell of mildew after a while, and that this odor is being transferred to the clothes. This might be because they are not following the manufacturer’s instructions, which are to leave the door open after each wash so that it can dry out completely inside. Others report leaks and occasional electrical faults. The rubber seal around the door needs to be checked regularly to ensure nothing has got stuck in it, and to prevent mold from growing. The wash cycles generally take longer than with a top-loader.
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Final Thought

If you are looking for a washer that’s easy on the eye and delivers what you want in the laundry department, then you really should take a good look at the LG WM2233H. It might be a little more expensive than other machines, but it’s got plenty of fans out there. When lots of Moms say that they love it, and that it’s the best machine they’ve ever owned, you’ve got to take notice.

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Comments for LG WM2233HW Front Load Washer

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Dec 10, 2011

If you could read you would know you need to wipe the seal dry after each time you use it. The again you could put a piece of velcro on the door and another piece on the side of the machine. Then take the first piece and run it around the machine with a twist in it. Then you can adjust it to keep the door open as wide as you want to. To the other people who can't read how do you think it will dry out if during the wash cycle water won't get out. Air can't get in with the door closed after washing. Then you also have to use -HE- Detergent . That is in the instructions too. MY MY if we could only learn to read

Apr 19, 2011
Should have more warnings
by: Anonymous

They tell you to leave the door open so that it will not get a mildew odor, however, if you have children or pets it is very dangerous. Our door was open & our cat went in to rest(only know of 1 other time that he did this). Someone came along & not knowing that the cat was in there & shut the door. By the time we found him, it was too late, the oxygen must go very quickly due to the tight seals & we were only in the next room. I have 4 kids who are very upset & missing a great pet now & do not want to see the door open anymore. I can only imagine if a 2 or 3 year old got in there playing hide & seek. HOW MANY MINUTES BEFORE THE AIR IS GONE??? I DON'T THINK MANY. This is very sad & unfortunate for us & anyone else that this has happened to.

Feb 05, 2011
Poor Quality Poor Service
by: Anonymous

Purchased 3 years ago. Lettering on control panel began coming off immediately. Same problem on dryer. LG will not replace the panel - considers it cosmetic. They don't seem to want to understand that it's essential for operating the machine. Machine also broke down - despite fairly light use. Never had problems like this with Kenmore or GE.

Jan 28, 2011
would not recommend
by: Anonymous

bought this washer and dryer set at sears 2 and a half years ago. it is the worst machine i ever owned. it stopped working after the first year, i called a repairman and it was one of my husbands socks that got stuck in the machine some how. had to replace the rubber gasket already, and when we called customer service they gave us nothing but the run around. it took us forever to get a repairman out the first time. i understand we live aways out, but 3 weeks to fix the machine is unexceptable. wed have a big family and cant run to the laundry mat all the time. i would not recommend this to anyone.

Dec 30, 2010
LG front load washer
by: Anonymous

We have had the front load washer for a year now. Noticed foul odor from the first week, and never could get rid of it. Mold forms someplace in the machine, and smells up the whole laundry room area. LG and the dealer say there is nothing they can do. Also filter on lower front of machine is ridiculous. Have to use a screw driver to open the door, and hold a bucket to drain the water from the little tube. Takes fifteen minutes while you're bent over holding the tube in the bucket. Then mop the floor, A real design nightmare. Would never buy another LG product again. And would never recommend them.

Nov 06, 2010
Hunk of JUNK!!!!!!
by: Jonathan Ber

This thin stank from the fist month I owned it. I leave the door open to air it out. Then you have to run empty cycles to clean the machene? what is that saving water, electricty and time? I have had it since Dec 2005, I guess it has been better than some of these comments but I replaced the seal on the door for about $250 about a year and a half ago. Now the whole inside is shot and I had two repair people come to see the machene and they both said the EXACT same thing. "through it out" it is not worth fixing.
NICE!!!!!!! Thanks LG peice of crap!!!!!

Jun 26, 2010
Do Not waste your MONEY!!!!
by: C.P. And So Disappointed

I bought this set almost 3 years ago from Best Buy and have had nothing but problems!!! The mold and Mildew are horrible!!! I follow the recommendations.....keep the door open, wipe down gasket, run tub clean cycle, do not use too much detergent or fabric softner, all the suggestions, we follow which in itself is crazy. I should not have to "baby" or CLEAN my WASHING machine!!! Still no luck...tons of mold and mildew and my "clean" clothes come out smelling musty and like mildew after every cycle. I have had Best Buy out now a few times to "service it" and they say to run a cycle with cascade in it. or go buy a new product called Affresh and run a cycle with that. I am just so done with this machine I want a new one. I am just waiting for LG to stup up and recall this defective LEMON they made!!!

May 10, 2010
do not recommend
by: zalissa

"I bought this set two and 1/2 years ago the front panel has rusted. they replaced it two times and its rusting again. The company gave me problems about replace in it. The washer stopped working called the company he came out and had to reset the panel. Now the washer stops as soon as it hits spin cycle and now I'm five month out of the warranty, and they want more money to come fix than i paid for washer. The amount of money i paid it should last longer than two 1/2 years. At first I liked it so much I told my sister to but one and she has had a lot of problems with hers to. I would not recommend this washer to anyone"

May 07, 2010
SMELLY nelly - LG2233cs
by: Anonymous

This was the first front loader washer I have purchased and with all the SMELLY problems it just might be my last. I have done everything LG told me to do to try and prevent the SMELL. But nothing has worked. I had a top loading washer for 20 years with NO maintenance at all, not even having to clean it out. Get this washer and they want you to clean it 2x per month. Waste of money, but I am stuck with it.

Dec 08, 2009
Not happy with LG
by: Jennifer

I bought an LG HE washer 3 years ago. Shortly after purchasing, I started noticing the "mildew" smell in my clothes. The machine looks great, but for the money, it shouldn't have these issues. I spent $2,000.00 on a machine that has to be babied! It's ridiculous to have to keep the door open to "air out" or to have to run to my machine as soon as it shuts off so that it doesn't get that stinky smell. I'm disappointed in the product and would not get another one, Not to mention that its a safety hazard keeping that door open all the time. Unfortunately, I'm stuck with this one for a while.

Mar 20, 2009
Stain cycle is amazing
by: Marsha Moore

My husband and I purchased our LG washing machine from Home Depot in August of 2007, so we have had it for right at a year.

The LG washing machine by far has been the best washing machine we have ever owned. The large capacity tub allows me to wash a king size bed spread. I think the stainless steel tub is great also, the tub has absolutely no visible signs of wear after a year.

My model has a sanitizing mode which is great for those really dirty throw rugs and I also use this mode for our clothes especially after being sick to kill any germs.

All the setting that are available on the control panel allow me a wide range of versatility for all our washing needs, plus no need to take large items to the laundry mat anymore.

I have found the stain cycle option also a great tool and this cycle has always taken out all stains even after the stain in the article has set for awhile. I even washed an item on this cycle that had already been dried previously with a stain and it took the stain out.

I was amazed!!

Since this is my first time owning a front loader washing machine I can say it beats all other washers we have owned in the past, and will purchase nothing else but this type in the future.

Feb 17, 2009
Streamlined and high-tech
by: Anonymous

I absolutely love this machine. It is a top loader, with a huge washing capacity. I also enjoy the preset cycle options that make washing even easier! It also looks very streamlined and high-tech. I have had it for almost 4 months, and have yet to experience any difficulties with this washer.

Nov 26, 2008
Needs quite a bit of cleaning
by: Rose Pagel

I have had my LG for some time now and overall am pleased with my purchase. The only draw back that I see is that if you have pets you will have to make sure you check to see that they have not claimed in the washer, as you have to leave the door open when not in use. This is necessary so that mold does not build up in the door or machine. I have also noticed that I have to take out the soap dispenser once a week and clean it.

It does a great job on cleaning my clothes and can wash a queen size comforter with no problem.

Overall I am pleased with the purchase.

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