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LG WM2101HW 27in Front-Load Washer with 4.0 cu. ft.

The WM2101HW is a front loading washer with a large capacity (4.0 cubic feet). With a simple white finish, its features allow you to get clean laundry with the least amount of hassle.

Key features

- Sense Clean system: water level and wash times are determined automatically, based on the size and weight of the load. This takes the guesswork out of laundry, while ensuring that the most efficient settings are used. Water consumption is kept at a minimum, and optimum cleaning performance is assured.
- Seven wash programs: choose from delicates, hand wash, sanitary, normal, permanent press, cotton/towels, bulky/large, and speed wash for whatever your laundry requires.
- Nine wash options: prewash, water plus, stain cycle, rinse & spin, extra spin, and others allow for you to meet any laundry need. The additional tub clean option also saves you time and effort by automatically cleaning your machine’s drum, getting rid of any residue that can damage your machine and stain your laundry.
- Adjustable soil levels: stubborn stains and heavily-soiled fabrics are no longer a problem with this feature. Choose the level needed to ensure maximum cleaning.
- Adjustable wash temperatures: you can select from cold/cold, warm/cold, warm/warm, hot/cold, and extra hot/cold.
- Delay Wash feature: this allows you to set a start time for your laundry for as long as up to 19 hours beforehand. Your laundry is a chore that should accommodate your schedule, not the other way around.
- Automatic dispenser for prewash, detergent, bleach, and fabric softener: this ensures that the appropriate product is automatically added to the wash cycle at the right time, eliminating the need for you to supervise your laundry. With these and the other previously mentioned features, you can just load your laundry,
tap in your settings, and let the washing machine do the rest.
- NeverRust stainless steel drum: with a lifetime warranty, the drum of your washer is guaranteed never to deteriorate. You no longer have to worry about rust stains ruining your laundry.
- Electronic control panel with Dial-A-Cyle option: with a clear display and simple-to-use controls, laundry is a no-brainer. It’s a household chore, not rocket science.
- Child lock function: no need to worry about youngsters accidentally setting the washing machine off with this feature.
- LoDecibel Quiet Operation and True Balance Anti Vibration system: minimizing noise and reducing vibration, these features ensure quiet and efficient operation.
- Energy Star qualified: this guarantees that your washing machine meets industry standards for energy efficiency, securing you lower energy consumption and costs.


Like all of LG’s other offerings, this washing machine has a very high cleaning performance. The multiple wash options ensure that this machine can handle almost any laundry situation with ease. It is also highly rated when it comes to energy efficiency and water consumption.

Many customers consider its average retail price as very reasonable, considering all its features and the savings you can get with water and energy bills. The majority of buyers gave this machine high ratings, especially in the following areas: cleaning capability, energy efficiency, and ease of use.


However, as is the problem with many front-loaders, wash cycles take too long for some consumers. Consumers have also complained about long wash cycles and excessive vibration and noise.

Consumer likes and dislikes


- Energy efficient
- Easy to use
- Adjustable soil levels and water temperatures
- Delay wash feature
- Reasonable price


- Long wash cycles
- More noise and vibration than expected

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Comments for LG WM2101HW 27in Front-Load Washer with 4.0 cu. ft.

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Nov 22, 2013
total vibration of the pipes
by: Totaly PISSED

we bought an LG front load from Sears, we thought we did well with our research and chose a good machine.right from the very first day it was making some noise when it was filling up and it would pulsate, it got worse by the day. Then i was told to install a water hammer arrestor to stop the vibrating pipes.That helped a bit but didn't stop it but it and it got progressively worse by the month.Then i took the hammer arrestor out and took it down to a plumbing place and was told that it was toasted!!! then one day i get a call from my wife to say that it was leaking!! this machine was only a couple years old for shit sakes, and then i read about some filter that has to be cleaned.We have had a top load Kenmore for over 20 years and didn't have any problems with it.The sales people should be better informed and pas on this information to their customers. the companies that put their name on them need to be more accountable for their junk!!!

Feb 11, 2011
won't stay balanced
by: Sheri

This machine will not stay balanced. It will rock your whole house. Service has been BAD on this machine. LG refuses to come out and check to see if something is broken on the unit. They only will say that it is the floor. Service says that you cannot have a HE machine on a wood floor. Funny thing is that I have had a whirlpool and a maytag on wood floors in other homes and did not have this problem. I recommend you not buy a LG.

Feb 11, 2011
complete lemon
by: colleen comden

this thing is terrible total lemon and Best Buy's extended warranty is not worth it make sure you read the fine print - they only cover the appliance if it's broken not if it's a hunk of junk - we have had LG and Best Buy people give us conflicting stories and each one pointing the finger at the other in the mean time we have had a flooded basement, ruined clothes, smelly clothes, and clothes that just don't come clean - after your purchase it they give you all these conditions and special care you have to give it - don't buy LG or from Best BUY

Jan 15, 2011
First day leak
by: A. M. in Belleville

Unbelievable. There is a leak from the bottom of the machine back left side. It is a steady drip. Drain hose dry where it goes into back of machine, but the drip is diretly below this area. I used the machine twice. Once for the recommended rinse-spin test for balancing purposes, then one load. The drip was significant with the entire cycle. Called The Brick in Belleville where I purchased it from and they are coming to take it away one week from now. Their initial suggestion was to send a repairman. I didn't pay this much to have a repaired machine damaging my floor.

Dec 30, 2010
smell problem
by: Anonymous

I experienced a smell sour problem in my front
load washer. I used the washer cleaner and had
only temporary solution.
I took off the bottom front of machine and there
is a filer in front of pump and it was a mold mess
and smell terrible. I cleaned it out and then used the cleaning cycle on machine and that as
solved the problem.
These companies sell these machines and never tell you there is a filter before the pump. I believe they want you to call a service man to
clean this.
I hope this saves someone else , and they to
can eliminate the smelly washer problem.

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