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LG WM2075CW front load washer

by Mark
(Massachusetts, USA)

Stay away! Junk! Made in Korea I paid 800.00 for a machine that only lasted 4 years.

You must call an LG authorized repair center(no one else can purchase parts to repair any LG products).

120.00 service call to tell me that the circuit board was dead.... it costs 240.00. He would have to come back.. another 120.00.
Thats 480.00.... forget it.

Bought a Bosch, it's made in the USA for 574.00
LG customer service is the worst!

Life is not good with LG......Never again!!!

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Jul 17, 2012
In response to anonymous
by: Anonymous

Why should I have to buy an extended warranty on a new product. You must sell these for a living because LG is junk. Only a duchbag like you is stupid enough to throw away their money on an extended warranty. You have poor punctuation and can not spell correctly. You should get your head on straight.

Apr 26, 2012
Avoid if possible
by: Bob OH

Front door leaked with in the first 3 months, There is not a LG approved repair person with in 200 miles. Repairman stated the cabinet was bent. This isn't covered under Warranty. Door lock went out with in a year, Drain pump went out about 2 years old. The good news is there are now tons of replacement parts web sites.

Feb 29, 2012
by: Anonymous

All i have to say, is every company has its hiccups. that being said, i paid 100 dollars for an extended warrenty. now i dont pay for problems with my machine. how many of you were smart enough to do the same? i can see at least 3 were not. just remember that, the next time you think your outsmarting some corperate "conspiricy" to make money. and dont give me that crap about "its a trick to make more money". you drive a car uninsured? do you have medical insurance? life insurance? its all the same thing. so, next time someone asks you if you want to buy an extended warrenty, maybe youll get your head on straight and think of reality instead of some negative fantasy.

Nov 23, 2010
LG TROMM Washing Machine
by: Anonymous

Very disappointed with this machine. Have had it five years and it is not functioning properly. Technician came over today and advised it might be a latch issue as the dE code comes on when the cycle starts. Part to be ordered, but another $120 due when technician comes back to install. So... total so far $180 and still no guarantee it is the latch. Now... next issue is that it might be the circuit board.. oh.. that is another $70 and another $60/hour service call

Grand total of $310 so far

Also... machine has an odor that never seems to go away. I literally run a clorox cycle through every four of five loads to clean it out. Oh yeah, the rubber also needs to be cleaned out often as the residue seems to gather in that area. No more front loaders for this customer!

Jul 20, 2010
Where's the Quality?
by: Jeannie

Have owned this washer for just under 5 years and the motor went out. It's just my husband and myself, so not a whole lot of 'wear and tear' on the appliance. VERY disappointing - where's the quality behind the name? No more LG appliances for us. Just hoping the dryer holds out longer.

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