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LG WM2050CW 27in Front Load Washer, 4.0 cu. ft. Capacity

The WM2050CW is an economical front-loading washing machine by LG. With a 4.0 cubic feet capacity, this washer is capable of handling the laundry loads of most busy households. Read on to know more about the product's key features.

Key features

- Sense Clean system: the machine automatically determines the water level and wash time needed based on the size and weight of your laundry load. Aside from making laundry a no-brainer for you, this feature also reduces water and energy consumption without sacrificing the cleanliness of your garments.
- Wash options: there are seven automatic cycles for all types of laundry, including delicates, bulky/large, and permanent press.
- Custom program: this automatically saves your most frequently used wash cycle, making laundry a snap.
- Delay wash: another feature that adds to your convenience, this allows you to delay the start of wash cycles for up to 19 hours. Laundry can be done whenever it’s the most suitable for you.
- NeverRust stainless steel drum: your washing machine is guaranteed to last, without any troublesome rust stains messing up your laundry.
- LED display with Dial-A-Cycle and electronic controls: this washer is easy, convenient, and safe to operate.
- Automatic dispensers for bleach, fabric softener, and prewash: these automatically add products at the right time during the wash cycle.
- Energy Star qualified: efficient energy consumption reduces your costs while making you eligible for any energy rebates on offer.
- It has ten year motor warranty.


This is a good, all around washing machine for the average household. Taking most of the
features together, they allow even the busiest of people to easily, efficiently, and conveniently do their laundry. Many of the features take the guesswork out of using your washing machine. And with a price range of US$500-700, it’s very affordable.


However, this washer does not have an internal water heater, limiting its capacity to do other tasks offered by other washing machines, such as steam cleaning and allergen removal. There are also less automatic wash cycle options available compared to other washers on the market.

Consumer likes and dislikes


Overall, consumers were very pleased with this washing machine’s:
- Performance: customer feedback is very positive regarding this machine’s cleaning capabilities - Even delicate garments are thoroughly cleaned without damage
- Buyers also report enjoying the minimal noise and vibration this machine produces
- Value for money: the machine’s performance is far above what one would expect with its price tag - It’s also considered very economical, as it uses less detergent than other machines on the market - Energy costs are greatly reduced
- Low water consumption: most customer feedback points out how little water this machine uses, especially considering its capacity
- Convenience: as mentioned above, the machine’s features make doing laundry a simple, less time consuming task
- Customers also report finding this machine very easy to use


- No internal water heater and no sanitize cycle
- Long wash cycles
- Spin cycle performance: for heavy loads and bulky items, customers report that the spin cycle needs to be run twice before the water is wrung out

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Comments for LG WM2050CW 27in Front Load Washer, 4.0 cu. ft. Capacity

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Nov 01, 2012
Awful Washer
by: Anonymous

This is truly a terrible washing machine.

First, the water valve is on a solenoid that opens and closes the valve too quickly, resulting in severe hammering in our plumbing. Most washers have a soft valve opening to avoid this problem.

Second, even with Water Plus enabled, it still does not use enough water to get the clothes clean, or rinse them thoroughly. I have to run a separate rinse cycle after the initial wash cycle to get the clothes completely rinsed. Total time: over 2 hours per load.

Third, the thing reeks to high heaven if you don't do a tub clean with bleach after every use. This is due to a couple of things: 1) There is always water in the bottom of the washer, stuck in the sediment filter. This makes it humid inside the washer and a perfect environment for mold and mildew to grow. 2) Even washing with hot water, since the washer puts water in the machine a tiny bit at the time, it never actually gets hot. It only ever gets lukewarm, which helps mold and mildew grow. Even leaving the door open all the time and cleaning the seal weekly with bleach, it still smells awful and ruins clothes.


Nov 22, 2011
DO Not Buy LG
by: Anonymous

I purchased an LG washer and dryer 4 years ago. After 1 year washer broke. 1 week for repair (not alot of appliance repairs actually work on these) and 4 weeks for part. 2 weeks later broke again...control panel. $420.00 and it broke again after 1 month. Button stick, clothes eventually become holy (little pin holes in t shirts and ripped Spa towel). It spins great to virtually dry, uses less detergent to clean and clothes actually are clean, but I can spend less money on repairs and take my laundry to the dry cleaner!
DRYER unit has taken 3 times of setting dryer on to dry ONE load of clothes. And then they are STILL damp and i must hang them to dry. When i called the manufacturer (Korea and they do not speak english well) I was told too bad and they could not help me. This is ridiculous and I will be replacing with something else and taking a sledge hammer to these. CANT STAND THEM AND DONT WASTE YOUR TIME!

Jul 10, 2011
Love It !
by: Anonymous

Had this washer for 6 months and it cleans great! A good product for the price. Clothes come out almost dry. I don't even use a dryer. Hang clothes up in the laundry room and they dry quick. A great buy for the money if considering a new or to upgrade your current washer .

Feb 09, 2011
Very dissatisfied
by: Anonymous

We have had the LG washer a little over a year. The fact that it takes the loads way too long to wash because the water takes forever to enter the washing machine, we have towels that are not getting sanitized because the hot water takes so long to enter the machine. By the time the water get completely in the machine the water is cold and the towel are not submerged in hot water but only ever sopping wet when washing. Towels that were new are having to be replaced in 6 months and smell bad. We have had several cases of staph infections which we feel is due to the fact that the towels, wash cloths, pillow cases etc are not getting sanitized and we are passing the infection back and forth. We want LG to exchange it for a top loader where items can be completely submerged in hot water and where the water is dispensed into the machine all at one time, however, LG is not cooperating.

Feb 03, 2011
by: Michelle

My husband and I had a GE machine that was still running great after 15 years -- we left it behind when we sold our last house. We bought front loaders, an LG washer and an LG dryer from Best Buy when we moved. Our washer is 5.5 years old -- the inside drum is making loud noises when it spins -- had the Geek Squad come out -- told me bad news - drum is separating from the motor ~ since it's not the motor -- LG will not replace it & I'm stuck buying a new machine -- guess what ... it will not be an LG!

Aug 28, 2010
Best washer for the price
by: L Champion

After a bad three-month experience with a new Kenmore 800 top-loader, I swapped it for the LG even though the person at Sears said it was not as good as the Kenmore. He couldn't have been more wrong.

The 2050 runs quieter, wrings out a load of jeans better and doesn't beat up the clothes as bad as the top-loader. My husband's dirtiest work clothes come out clean in the first wash; normally I have to soak them first.

Four stars because I've only had the machine a week or so. Is it as good as one costing twice the price? Of course not although the 10-year motor warranty makes it a real bargain.

If all you want to do is wash clothes and not try and impress your friends with the latest bronze-plated Washermatronic Textile Blaster XXL, this works great.

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