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LG WM2016CW 27in Front Load Washer 3.5 cu ft

The WM2016CW is a front loading machine with five washing programs and other practical and intuitive features. When looking for an efficient machine, read on to know more about the features of LG WM2016CW.

Key Features

- Carries the energy star seal which means you conserve more energy with this unit.
- SenseClean technology determines the type of cycle based on the quality of the fabrics and the weight of the load.
- Stackable feature allows you to put the washer below the dryer so you save a lot of floor-space. This is perfect for very small laundry rooms or apartments.
- LoDecibel quiet operation reduces the level of noise produced by the unit.
- The electronic control panel with a Dial-a-cycle allows you to easily set controls and programs with just one push of a button.
- Delay wash feature allows you to set the time for the machine to start running according to when it is most convenient for you.
- Auto Adjust water level means that you do not have to worry about putting in too little or too much water for the load. The unit itself determines how much water it needs so you won’t have to.
- End of cycle beeper informs you when the unit is done washing. This eliminates the need to check in on the unit from time to time. You can also look at the status indicators which show you if the unit is halfway done with the cycle or not.
- Tilt Tub feature makes loading and unloading easy especially those with back problems. Simply
tilt the tub to make the contents more accessible.
- 4 adjustable legs allows you to determine how tall the machine you want it to be.
- Child lock feature prevents children from tampering with the controls or opening the laundry washer while it is running.
- Auto Suds removal system removes soap suds and leaves you with a residue-free load.
- Internal water heater provides warm water which is used to make removal of stains easier without harming the fabrics.


Different features make this unit the best in its line. The child lock feature is a big plus especially in homes with unruly children. The child lock prevents kids from accidentally opening the washer door while it is running. The energy star seal also make it possible to save a lot on water and energy bills.


No steam feature and no vibration reducing feature, so despite the presence of the LoDecibel system the unit can still become a bit noisy when it vibrates too loud. The lack of steam technology is also another drawback and may not make this unit the best option for those looking for the intensive cleaning capability of steam washers.

You cannot use liquid detergents with front loaders because in a few weeks the machine will start giving laundry that smell of mildew due to the trapped residue in the tub that foster bacterial growth.

Consumer Likes and Dislikes


- Effective child lock feature
- Saves a lot on energy bills with the energy star seal


- Louder than other units
- You cannot use liquid detergent

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