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LG WM1355HR compact washing machine 2.7 Cu. Ft.

The WM1355HR is a Compact Capacity Front Load Washer with LED Display. Just 24 inches in width, with a 2.7 cubic feet capacity, it?s a space-saving, convenient addition to any small household. Its vibrant Cherry Red color makes this washer fun and aesthetically pleasing as well, making it great for apartments, townhouses, condominiums, and other small spaces where functionality and beauty need to combine in one compact place. Read more to know the other features.

Key features

- Sanitary cycle: heating water to 158F, bacteria and stubborn stains are busted with this option.
- Nine automatic cycles: in addition to the sanitary cycle, permanent press, delicates, baby wear, hand wash/wool, cotton/normal, bulky/large, speed wash, and drain+spin are available to meet almost any laundry need.
- Multiple wash/spin temperature settings: you can select from up to five different settings for the temperature you require. Choose from extra hot/cold, hot/cold, warm/warm, and cold/cold.
- Multiple spin speeds: you have seven spin speeds, including no spin and extra high, to choose from.
- Sense Clean system: the machine automatically adjusts the water level and wash time based on the size and weight of the load. This ensures that you get the most out of your washer?s cleaning performance, while using the least amount of water needed, every time.
- Fresh Care Delay Wash: this gives you the option to set your machine to begin a cycle for up to 19 hours ahead of time.
- Automatic dispensers: prewash, detergent, and
fabric softener are automatically added at the right time.
- LoDecibel quiet operation: noise and vibration are greatly reduced.
- Tub clean feature: this automatically cleans the interior of your washing machine, saving you time and effort.
- Never Rust stainless steel drum: you get durability while remaining worry-free about rust stains.
- Electronic control panel with LED display: this makes your washing machine simple and easy to use.
- One year warranty on labor and parts, with a ten year warranty for the motor and a lifetime warranty for the drum.
- Energy Star qualified: this washing machine meets the US government standards for energy efficiency, lowering your energy consumption and cutting down your energy costs. Energy Star qualified products also allow you to qualify for rebates where available.


For anyone with a small living space, this is a great washing machine. The capacity allows it to wash a medium-sized load of laundry, and its features make it very convenient and easy to use. The reduction of water and energy consumption make this washer a winner when it comes to operating costs and environmental concerns, as well.


However, its price range is more costly than other washers with similar or more features. Also, despite its noise reduction technology, it was still considered too noisy by some consumers.

Consumers likes and dislikes


- Cleaning performance and fabric care
- Energy efficiency
- Reduced water consumption
- Ease of use


- Price
- Noise

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