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LG WF-T756STG White Top Load Washing Machine, 7.5 Kg

Health Plus Filter, Turbo Drum

Health Plus Filter, Turbo Drum

The LG WF-T756STG is a simple white top loader with several features that are designed for the efficiency of each wash and rinse cycle. The washing machine has a Turbo Drum to effectively handle the powerful washing performance. It also has a Health Plus Filter that ensures the thorough cleaning and rinsing of every load.

Interior Features
  • The washing machine has a stainless tub material. This ensures that the tub won't develop rust. It easily resists advanced wear and tear and can handle large loads, especially with the washer's 7.5 kg. capacity.
  • The unit has 10 water control levels. This allows you to set and fill in the exact amount of water for your laundry. The Turbo Drum of the washing machine is powerful enough to allow the thorough cleaning of clothes.
  • The top loader has many programs. These include Fuzzy, Wool, Quick Wash, Jeans, Tub Clean, Favorite, and Silent options. You have the option to set the washing machine depending on your load.
  • The washing machine has a Health Plus filter that ensures your safety. This feature allows the thorough cleaning and rinsing of clothes to prevent the development of allergy for those with sensitive skin.

    Exterior Features

  • The washing machine comes in a neat white finish. This is a great machine for any type of laundry area since white complements all colors.
  • It has an easy to use knobs and controls that are visible and easy to understand.

    Dimension Specifications

    Width: 540 mm.
    Depth: 905 mm.
    Height: 540 mm.
    Capacity: 7.5 kg.


  • You can program the washing machine to suit the amount of load. The washing machine has
    several programs that you can use for the different types and amount of load.
  • Because the washing machine's tub is stainless, you can ensure that no rust will develop even if you use the washing machine for a long time. This will keep your clothes clean and stain-free. The stainless steel construction of the tub will also make the washing machine durable.
  • You can wash your clothes and your baby's delicate clothing using this washing machine without worrying about detergent residue. This appliance has a Health Plus Filter that removes the detergent and dirt to prevent you from getting skin allergies because of the detergent.
  • With the superb cleaning features of the washing machine, you can be sure that your clothes are thoroughly cleaned.


  • The washing machine comes in a plain white color. This is not really the best choice for you if you give importance to the design of your home appliance. This washer is also not stackable. If you have a very small laundry room, this machine will take a lot of space.
  • This washing machine is not available in other colors and designs. If you have a laundry area with a modern theme, this appliance is not the perfect complement in terms of design.
  • The washing machine has many important features that are lacking. For instance, the washing machine has no timer to indicate that the cycle is done.


  • has a stainless tub
  • has Health Plus Filter
  • has Turbo Drum
  • has a good set of wash programs
  • has ten water levels


  • limited design and color options
  • not stackable

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