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LG WF-T6060CT White Top Loader Washing Machine

 6.5 Kg., Turbo Drum, Fully Automatic

6.5 Kg., Turbo Drum, Fully Automatic

In a classic white finish, the LG WF-T6060CT is a fully automatic top-loading washer that can accommodate up to 6.5 kg. of load for each wash and rinse cycle. This capacity is good enough for most households and can handle a week's batch of worn clothing items and used bedding such as comforters, bed sheets, and more. It has several wash programs designed to handle different types of load, from delicates to heavy laundry items. Simple in design, this top loader washing machine is best for people who are looking for a laundry machine with the basic set of features and easy to use controls, without the unnecessary frills.

Interior Features
  • The top-loading washer offers up to 6.5 kg. wash capacity, which can handle most washing needs. This is best for households that do their laundry on a weekly basis and don't need a super capacity washer because of the limited laundry items they have to wash.
  • The top load washer is designed with a Turbo Drum to handle powerful washing and rinsing action to lift dirt, germs, and stains from clothing and other items. The drum also accommodates heavy loads and makes sure that they are thoroughly cleaned. Compared to a conventional drum, the Turbo Drum is more efficient and operates more quietly.
  • Fully automatic, this washing machine is easy to use. The controls are accessible and easy to understand.
  • The washing machine operates in such a way that it prevents tangles on clothes, unlike with other traditional top loaders. It also ensures fabric care.

    Exterior Features

  • The top-load washer comes with a see-through cover that allows
    you to take a peek inside to monitor the spin or rinse cycle. The controls and buttons are conveniently located on top to make access fairly easy and convenient. The design is fairly simple for those who don't want a complicated machine to work with.
  • The washer comes in a neat white finish that can easily blend with other appliances.

    Dimension Specifications

    Width: 540 mm.
    Depth: 850 mm.
    Height: 540 mm.
    Capacity: 6.5 Kg.


  • The top-load washer is fully automatic, making it very easy to operate. It doesn't have the unnecessary frills but the basic features needed for a clean wash and thorough rinse.
  • The unit makes use of a Turbo Drum, which is more efficient compared to conventional types. It prevents tangles on clothes and other laundry items and can handle tough cleaning action.
  • Despite the powerful cleaning performance, the machine is still gentle on clothes. Just set the right program and you can be sure that your delicates will remain unharmed. It retains the fabric quality and prevents discoloration.
  • The washer is tough on stain and dirt.


  • The washer is not widely available. Potential buyers will have a difficult time getting information, such as the specs, about the washer.
  • The top loaders lacks other advanced features that makes other washers easier to maintain and operate.
  • It makes some noise and vibrates.


  • fully automatic
  • uses a more efficient Turbo Drum
  • prevents tangles
  • gentle on clothes
  • a good set of basic features
  • adequate cleaning performance


  • makes some noise and vibrates
  • not widely available
  • lacks other advanced features

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