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LG Washing Machine - WTH90B61EP

I have a family of six. A washing machine with a 9 kg capacity made a lot of sense to me. My previous washing machine was a lesser capacity, front loading machine.

The new machine gave me better performance, with lesser cycle time. It also consumes lesser water as compared with the previous one. It consumes lesser detergent, and while running, makes almost no noise at all.

Even when loaded to the top, it still works as smoothly as ever. Another thing which hit me specifically about this machine is that it dries up my clothes much faster. And even after persistent washes, my clothes look as fresh as ever, especially the colored ones.

The other day I wanted to use my favorite lace table spread for my son's 10th birthday celebration, but as luck would have it, just a day before, my dear John (my son) dropped curry right in the middle of it, which even if I wanted, I would not have been able to hide it with a vase. My LG came through during this stringent time.

And within no time, my table spread was as good as new, and of course it still is my favorite. :)

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