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How many of you have gone shopping for a washing machine and ended-up walking out of the store with your head reeling with all kinds of information about forty different brands of washing machines and still have not made a purchase because you were not sure if you would be making the right decision?

I am positive that almost all of you have felt this way at one time or another. Every person on the face of the planet will at one time in their lives make a purchase of a washing machine, it is inevitable and absolutely unavoidable!

There are many different brands of washing machines on the market nowadays and maybe it seems absolutely impossible to make an informed decision.

Today we will be covering the LG WM3431HW washer and dryer combo. It is really one sleek looking machine!

LG Washer Dryer WM3431HW Key Features

The LG washer/dryer has a three point seventy-two cubic feet capacity and has seven different washing cycles as well as five different wash and dry programs that are sure to keep you and your clothes happy!

There are a few pros and cons about this washer and dryer combo, as with anything in this day and age and today we will focus on a little of both.


First of all, the fact that it is a combo is awesome because for those people who do not have much room in their utility room or where ever they keep their washer and dryer, this takes up very little room.

There is also the added bonus that if you don't have the proper hookup for the dryer it does not matter in the least because this little baby does not need an external venting source.

That is something that most conventional dryers need.


You can fit the LG WM3431HW in small places, as previously stated. It will even fit into a standard closet. It also runs on standard voltage electricity.

The LG washer/dryer is excellent for a vacation home, business home or even a small size apartment.

As stated previously, this little number does not need an external venting source because of something called "ventless condensing".


Another thing that was previously stated that we should recap is the fact that it runs on standard voltage electricity, one hundred and fifteen volts to be exact and does not run on gas.

This makes for a much safer living environment don't you think? No chance of anything blowing up!


One great plus to having this combo is that you don't have to wait to transfer clothes from the washer to the dryer. The process is pretty cool actually.

The water is drained by the condensing process out of the steel drum in the washer/dryer, which is how the clothes lose the excess water.

The water then drains out of the water pump. Then of course, the drying process takes over.

The one disadvantage that some would tell you is the fact that the drying process takes just a little bit longer than most conventional dryers. But who cares right? The space saved alone is an added bonus!

LG Washer Dryer WM3431HW Plus Points

Now we will look at what some customers have had to say about this machine.

One woman has stated that it is excellent, the only problem that she has and it is not even really a problem is the fact that it takes a little longer to dry clothes.

It is as she has said though that this washer/dryer combo teaches users to "set and forget".

It is basically a machine for people who are on the go all the time. Throw a load in and go, when you get home, the laundry is done. Sounds good to me!

Another user had a little less to say about the LG saying that she had owned this washer and dryer combo for two years and it worked like a dream for the first six months, she then went on to state that after those six months that she started having problems with it.

She claims that the drier went on the Fritz so to speak and that even after five hours of drying the clothes that they would still come out wet.

Final Thought

Well folks, with this little bit of information hopefully you will be able to decide for yourself if the LG WM3431HW washer and dryer combo is for you or not.

If you are like me then you will do the research and decide on your own terms if this is right for you. Whether you own a home or an apartment, I am sure that you would love to save room and get this washer and dryer combo.

If not, then go for one of the older, more conventional models. The choice is yours. Happy laundering!

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