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LG USA portable combo washer/dryer WM3431HW

After a lot of consideration back and forth, I bought the LG USA portable combo washer/dryer and have been pleased with the decision I made. I bought the Model WM3431HW and I have had it for almost a year now.

I was worried when I bought it as it was a big purchase compared with the relatively smaller cost of simply putting quarters in the machine in my building. But I originally bought it because I have very little space in my apartment and it is a small combo set, and the laundry room in our building is small, was getting ever more expensive with repeated price increases for both the washer and dryer uses, and was not being kept in a particularly tidy manner.

Once I had a child I wanted something a little better and cleaner that I felt comfortable with and thought that this might be a good alternative and a true time saving investment! I was right. It does take a while because of course the same unit both washes and cleans your clothes. So you put them in, and you set various controls for how you want your clothes washed and how you want them dried. Then you leave it alone for at least a hour while it works through the cycles.

On the very positive side, you can set it and go do errands or go to work and come home to totally clean and dry clothes! And it does heat up my little apartment a little because it gets warm like any other washer or dryer. But the clothes come out quite fresh and spotless and the machine is really very quiet!

I think it does a very good job at getting out difficult stains. On the slightly negative side, the loads it can handle are not huge. In fact, I would say the loads are small, but you can set it to do clothes so much more easily than walking to the laundry room or perhaps to your basement where your full sized machines sit that this hasn't been a problem.

I actually have this set right in my kitchen. It fits well under a small counter and it is not intrusive at all. Once I had the machine set up, I started using it right away, the controls make sense and I haven't had even one problem since I started using it.

Given all of the considerations, I wish I had bought something like this years ago. The machine is somewhat expensive, but in my opinion worth every penny!

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