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LG T110TEE3 model

by Asha Jayaraman
(Palani, India)

The first washing machine which I bought after marriage was the LG T110TEE3 model from LG Electronics. I managed to save enough funds to purchase the washing machine of my heart’s desire around three months ago. It was a fully automatic machine with Pulsator technology, that could wash 11kg of clothes within a short span of time, sparkling clean and without any crumples.

It impressed me with its superior design and sophisticated features which were not available in most of the other machines. The machine had top-loading facilities that could be opened, if necessary. It is capable of handling delicate clothes which needs to be washed gently as well as heavy and dirty clothes that can be washed with hot water after soaking for a specified duration.

Additional enhancements available in this washing machine included automatic sensor to detect washing load, quiet working, and the ability to lock controls. I Sensor technology employed in this machine has sensors for detecting detergent, hardness and temperature to optimize washing and rinsing duration necessary to get cleaner clothes. Its red color was so mesmerizing that a few of my friends chose to buy it for their home use. One businessmen who ran a laundry purchased 5 washing machines to be installed for his work and another one for his home.

In the top of the machine, is a window for inspecting the condition of washing, through which clothes to be washed are placed inside. Options are available for soaking clothes for a short while before they are washed. After washing and air drying, you get back fresh, clean, and wrinkle-free clothes. It is entirely made of Stainless steel with additional slots for detergent powder, bleaching liquid and whitener, etc. Water utilization is minimal and the washing machine supplies water automatically. 220 Volts of Electrical power is essential to operate this machine.

The clothes get dry within a short span of time. This model is able to speak with the help of stored messages instructing the user about operation procedures and errors faced while washing. The LG T1103TEE3 washing machine’s adorable features has made it worthy of investing due to the benefits and features.

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