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LG Front loading Steam Washer / Dryer Model F1402FDS6

by Jayaraman
(Palani, Tamilnadu, India)

The LG F1402FDS6 is one of the best Front loading Steam based Washer-Dryer combination that I have ever owned. The pre-programmed washing machine with electronic controls has an extra-large drum that can easily contain up to 9Kg of cotton clothes, with nine programs like hand-wash, delay regulator, delicate, woolen, cotton, anti-wrinkle, mini-load, allergy-care and speedy wash to handle different types of clothes.

After rinsing, the dryer spins at a high velocity of 1400 rotations per minute. The water fills up to the specific level automatically without any need for intervention or shifting clothes to the dryer. The electronic controls and digital display unit are very pleasing and easy to manipulate with child protection features. Water consumption is quite low, merely 52lts, compared to the high volume of clothes that it supports.

Due to the wrinkle free option of the LG F1402FDS6 automatic steam washing machine, washed clothes are free from crumpled appearance. This is the best attribute that I like about this washing machine. Steam creation is possible through the generator that helps lower consumption of water and electricity due to effective plus immaculate cleaning of the washer-dryer. Power consumption is nil during standby. The digital screen exhibits the time required to complete washing and drying in addition to any error messages.

Indication of overloading of clothes and maintenance of equilibrium during spinning process makes the washing machine versatile for everyday usage. The door opens extensively so users can fill the washing machine with clothes comfortably. The manufacturers have modeled the washer-dryer to

*Pre-wash for attacking on intensive dirty clothes
*Rinsing till the clothes are free from soap and stains
*Steam laundering
*Smoother clothes with anti-wrinkling feature
*Separate whirling to dry washed clothes
*Protection from children with child lock and
*Announcement on completing washing cycle is through beep sound.

While I chose the product, it was available in tricolors - black, white and silver; and I selected black. Overall, the performance of LG F1402FDS6 washer-dryer is economical, exploiting lower electrical power and water. During washing, rinsing and spinning, the washing machine is virtually noiseless.

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