LG Stackable Front Loader - WM2277HS Washer

The LG WM2277HS Washer is a front load stackable washing machine. There are many features to this machine that make it very convenient.

There are also many reviews on this product that you might find very helpful if you are thinking about purchasing this particular make and model.

LG WM2277HS Washing Machinde Key Features

Many Programs

The LG WM2277HS washer has many features that are fantastic. It has seven different washing programs that you can choose from when you need to was a load of laundry.

This eliminates your worries about having to hand wash delicates. There is a delicate cycle you can use for those hand washed items that will gently wash those items.

This is an excellent feature because now you really can separate your laundry according to the correct way your items need to be washed.

Different Temperatures

You can also enjoy five different temperature levels with this washer.

This is an excellent feature. Many people always wash everything in cold to save on energy but also because the hot temperature is just too hot for your clothes.

Five different temperature levels allow you to choose the right temperatures. This means that in the winter you don’t have to wash your clothes in ice cold water or steaming hot water.

You have temperatures in between that treat your clothing much better.


There is also a four tray detergent dispenser. This allows you to put in pre-wash detergents and stain removers etc.

The machine knows the right time to dispense each of these detergents in order for your laundry to properly receive the detergents.

In addition, you no longer have to stand over the wash and wait for the right time to put in the right detergents.

Special Features

You can also take advantage of a 12-hour delay if you don’t want your laundry to begin right away. This is nice because you can set up your load to go off on hours that you save energy and when it is convenient for you.

If you are running out to work but you need a load of laundry ran then you can set it to run right before you get home. This way your load of laundry doesn’t sit in the washer for the entire day.

If you have things you need to hang up and they have been sitting in the washing machine all day then it really isn’t good for them.


The biggest benefit of the LG WM227HS is that they are stackable. This gives you the ability to place the washer in any position that is most convenient for you.

You can stack your washer and dryer if you are low on space or live in a small apartment.

It is nice when your washer and dryer do not take up an entire hallway closet but only a small area. You can also place your washer and dryer under a counter because they are so compact.

If bending down low is hard on your back and you need the washer and dryer to be higher then you can place them up high also. You can choose the setup that is right for you with these systems.

LG WM2277HS Washing Machinde Pros

The customers who have used this particular washer have different views on their feelings about the washer.

One customer who absolutely loves the washer said it runs quietly and is not a bother when running a load. You can almost not tell that a load of laundry is running.

She was very satisfied with the dispensing system for the detergent and said that her clothes smell fantastic after running a load and she is extremely satisfied with the unit.

LG WM2277HS Washing Machinde Cons

Another customer was not very happy with the unit stating that the performance of their machine was extremely poor. He was sold on the efficiency of the product and the capacity.

The major complaint was that the door latch to the washer broke twice. This caused the LED to emit a flashing PF which caused problems.

They were unable to do laundry because it was offline each time until a serviceman could come out and fix it.

Final Thought

There were other consumers who absolutely love the machine and the way it cleans the clothes.

One consumer mentioned they loved the sounds the washer makes when the load is complete. The only big concern is that there are not many LG technicians out there in the market so if their machine does break they are concerned it may be a problem.

The LG WM2277HS is a stackable washing machine that provides a lot of convenience for people when they are short on space.

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